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I guess this is proof of life. I'm working on a writeup, but I wanted the pics in a separate post so I can eventually lock them without locking the writeup.

Piccies behind here. Some are big, and some are scary. You've been warned )
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I imagine someone has posted this by now, but just in case. This is the vid that Jensen mentioned in LA. Some nudity, so watch at your own discretion.

DVR fail

Feb. 5th, 2011 05:13 pm
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Hmm, I have my DVR set to record SPN as a series, so all new episodes. It has been working just fine, but it didn't record last night. I wasn't planning to watch it, but I always check that it's there in case some day I am inclined to do a catch up. I saw someone else post that their TiVo didn't record it because it thought it recorded it last week. Anyone else have that happen?
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First, belated thanks to [ profile] almightyspaz and [ profile] vanae for the baby otters and to [ profile] jellicle for the adorable puppy. Sooo, cute! My profile is happy making. :D

Second, only two weeks until LA! I know a few people who are going to be there; [ profile] kj_svala, [ profile] heather03nmg, and [ profile] 3rd_leg are going to be Me overloaded by the end of the weekend. I swear, I only stink a little. :P

Is anyone else going to be there??

And now onto the point of this post. Vampires. Funny story about last night's pre-emption of SPN. I mentioned it to hubby several times during the day that it wouldn't be on, and yet, he turned it over to the CW at 8:00 and said, "You didn't even remind me to turn it on." I don't know why I waste my breath. I also mentioned I wasn't planning to watch it, but again, deaf ears. Now the funny part is, he didn't bother to change the channel when Nikita came on. So, I came in and found him watching Nikita. The traitor. Well, okay, it was mostly watching him at that point. So, I clicked it onto American Idol which I had DVRed the night before. Long story short, they moved Nikita to compensate for the loss of audience to AI, and I still managed to turn on American Idol instead. (The AI abbreviation always makes me think of Artificial Insemination. I grew up on a farm. Sorry.)

About the vampires, though. Tonight we watched Lost Boys: the Tribe on Netflix. It was all right, lacked the plot twists that made the first one epic, but not bad as vampire movies go. But it got me thinking about Dean Winchester (like everything doesn't get me thinking about Dean Winchester, anyway.) Y'know, what I'm talking about, the Twihard episode? In this movie they went with a very similar plot, people get 'turned' by drinking the blood of the vampire, but aren't a full vamp until they make a kill and drink someone themselves. I got to wondering if there are any stories out there in which the infected humans hold out indefinitely.

The reason I wonder is, well we had Dean hold out for awhile, though it was portrayed as excruciatingly difficult. Not really a surprise for me, though, that he could do it, since he's basically had to hold out on the pursuit of anything that makes being human worthwhile. He's been doing that his whole life. I'm beginning to think being human's never going to be anything except angst fodder and misery in that universe, since they're obviously never supposed to enjoy it. Anyway, that's beside the point. It just made me think, though, how is it that people, Dean Winchester as an example, can basically abstain from the joy of being human, but people are seemingly unable to withstand the draw to become something other than human. I wonder why that is? What is human nature if it's so much easier to deny than the nature of the beast?

It makes me want to write a story in which someone is infected by a vampire or some other such creature and never succumbs to drinking blood or killing. I mean, we have examples of full vamps who drink only non human blood, but they still got fully vamped by giving in to the call. It seems vampire lore isn't entirely set in stone, or else how would you explain the Twivamps? I think, if it was twisted so that an infected person didn't actually need blood to survive but only craved it, there could be a fascinating character to play with. He (or she) could still have some of the power (I kinda like the idea of thrall myself) but be neither human nor vampire, indefinitely. How would other vampires treat him? How would he interact with humans?

Does anyone know of any stories like this? Because I kinda have it in my head that vamps are divided by this character, some who see him as a Messiah type, some who see him as a threat. It could be epic...

*is pondering* But really, does the world need another vampire story?
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Some several months ago (I can't believe how infrequent my journal posting has become :( ) I made this post about... dun-d-da-DUN... menstrual cups. OMG. It was a funny story that I gakked from [ profile] menstrual_cups, and you should all really go back and read it now for a good belly laugh.

*waits for you to read it*

Done now?

Good. I have to admit feeling a small amount of guilt for having posted that. And why should I? It's a public post, right? True. It's a public post, but while it was entirely appropriate for the community in which it was posted, it was probably unfair to post it outside of a sympathetic environment where that might be someone's first exposure to the product. The comments in my post drive home the possibility that I might very well have turned some of you off the idea entirely, and that was the last thing I wanted to do. But, not having tried it myself, I couldn't really argue one way or the other.

So, I finally took the plunge, and now I do have something to say about it. It gets long, rambly, extremely personal, and entirely TMI, and will therefore be behind a cut. This cut right here. )
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I'm all out of eggs and mostly broke, and I don't want to go buy any if I don't have to. But anyhow, does anyone know if you can use Egg Nog in pancake batter. LOL. It's mostly eggs and cream, right? Should work fine...

Anyone? LOL.
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It's Christmas Eve-eve here, about that time of year when I usually put up the link to my ages old Gen Christmas fic so you can all have get your Grinch removed by bigbrother!Dean, appendicitis!Sam, and a kitten while I facepalm at how terribly written that thing is. Well, not this year. I'm just too embarrassed by that story to post it one more time, but there will be nostalgia!fic at the end of this post for those of you who want to skip to the good stuff.

First, glad tidings.

I've been... okay, I'm not going to say I've been a terrible friend, because I've seen at least three of those posts on my list today, and all of them were from people who I would say definitely are NOT being bad friends. Whatever I have been, depressed, self-absorbed, disillusioned, or distracted, it's not oblivious. I have received v-gifts from [ profile] sams1ra, [ profile] unplugged32, [ profile] captcrashsc, [ profile] jane_eyre, [ profile] jellicle, and [ profile] ysbail that have all made me smile and decorated my profile page, which is so nekked these days. For whatever reason, maybe I was at work and just peeking online, or I had other people I needed to thank and didn't want to forget anyone, I haven't thanked you, any of you, enough. Thank you!

This week, the lovely [ profile] apieceofcake and [ profile] vanae each stuffed my mailbox with gorgeous cards and artwork. I now have something to put on my mantel, and the Jensen refrigerator magnets are going right over the one that says, "Heaven doesn't want me and Hell is afraid I'll take over." My friends, you are all awesome, amazing, talented, and generous. I don't ever know how to respond to that sort of kindness, except with a heartfelt thanks. Again, thank YOU!

I've been removed from fandom lately. I have lost the love and excitement. It hurts. I know it sounds a little drama queen-esque, but I haven't had this sinking feeling in my chest for a couple of years now. I thought I'd finally figured out how to rise above it, but it's back again, and stronger than ever. So, there's no inspiration for fic and no muse to squeeze it out of me, and if I'm honest, I'm not working very hard to get it back. Sometimes you have to just cut your losses and move on. But then, today, I got a response on a fic poll I posted way back in season 3. (ETA: After getting a second poll response, I checked storyfinders and discovered someone was searching for dyslexic Dean fic. LOL. I really should watch that comm.) Anyway, I went back and looked at the fic and the one I posted before it, and there was what I've been missing. There was my Sam and my Dean back when I didn't hate either one and really thought the best ending was just the two of them together forever. I don't feel that way anymore, but I think it can't hurt to revisit that feeling again, just for a day or so. It's Christmas, after all.

So, I'm pasting those fics in here, as much a Christmas present to myself as to anyone else who wants to re-read or read for the first time. Whether or not you read any farther than the cut, Merry Christmas, flist. We've made it another year. Here's hoping life brings us all what we seek, or at the very least, what we need to be happy, and because they're a part of our family, too, may Sam and Dean get their happy ending as well, whatever that may be.

Comfort and Joy

Summary: Sam taught Dean to read, three words at a time, with focus and conviction.  From Hell, Dean teaches Sam to listen the same way. Pre-series thru Season 3, AU where Sam saves Dean in more ways than one. Because I know that's what a lot of people wanted for Christmas that year. Gen fic. Rated PG. Less than 2000 words.

Dean Reads )

Summary: Sam saved Dean in this one, too, but not without consequences. Too short for a summary really, just a random ficlet about what Sam would do if he had all the power in the world. Sam/Dean established relationship. PG Less than 500 words.

Let There Be... )

Merry Christmas
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I've been putting off writing this, but since my last post(whoops)was dripping negativity, I thought I'd share some goodness.

Once upon a time, I took up running. It went something like this.

"Hubby, I want running shoes for my birthday this year."


"Because I want to start running."

*laughs* "You'll never use them."

"Screw you. Yes, I will."

Okay, so it was four months later before I actually RAN in the running shoes I got for my birthday, but four months later is not never, so THERE. I actually put them on and putzed around my block sometime last October, back when a mile and a half seemed like a huge distance, and I couldn't run even that. I remember distinctly what I did last Thanksgiving, because I put my dressing in the oven and went out 'running.' My run that day was a whole whopping two miles, and I couldn't run more than five minutes at a time without walking. I don't know what made me keep trying, but I did, and that's why I have a race to report.

My first ever 5k race under here. )

Short story. Ran my first 5k in very poor fashion. Finished in 28:30. Lived to run another day.

Here's the link I promised the charity this race benefited. Mercy Project. According to the race coordinator, the race raised over 7000 dollars, which would free about 7 of these children from slavery. That's something to be thankful for, for sure.
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I managed to write about 1300 words before I went to sleep at 7:00 this morning, woke up this afternoon about 4. I spent an hour wrestling the wild Winchester, which I haven't done in way too long. I'm on vacation, though, so I even bought a saddle that might actually fit His Gigantorness to motivate me to make time to get out there now that it's cooler. And then, squeezed in about 5 miles of hill running. Now, I just need to write something in the next 12 hours or so and see if I can't lather, rinse, repeat.
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Damn you "Raising Hope" for being the best cutest damned show on t.v. and making me both homesick for my crazy effing family and enamored of babies. Way to mess with my world view, Fox.

That is all.
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Thanks to a helpful PM, it's come to my attention that "The Second Man" has been reposted on by someone named SoulstormX. As far as I can tell, she hasn't gone to any trouble at all to disguise it. It seems to be a complete Copy-Paste job. (she even claims to have a co-writer)

So, um, here's a link. I'm gonna drop her a review and a PM, but in my experience they usually only take these things down when a bunch of people call them out.

Even if you haven't read "The Second Man," and have to take my word on it that it's mine and Ammie's fic, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would drop over there and waggle your finger fiercely.

Thanks so much.

I'm also severely embarrassed that it's been posted for awhile and only has one kinda iffy review on it. Was it that bad? *facepalm*

ETA: Please check out the rest of this author's listings to see if there's anything you recognize. I don't read anything anymore, so I don't know what might be stolen. However, there are two more RPF fics on there that look like the might possibly have been scavenged from the kink meme, judging by their content.

ETA2: I should take my own advice and read the other fics, because [ profile] thestraychild has pointed out to me that one of the other fics on this author's list is also mine, and at least one of the other fics has been identified. If you can give your writer friends the heads up so they can check for their stuff. This author did go to the trouble of changing the titles, so you might have to actually read some of the fic to recognize it.
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So, there was this movie, called, I think, The Seventh Sign, and it starred Demi Moore, and possibly Michael Biehn. It was about the seven signs of the Apocalypse. Demi Moore was a pregnant woman who was also, possibly, the reincarnation of someone who was present at the crucifixion, LOL.

The relevant part of the movie being that she was about to have a baby but the Hall of Souls was empty, which they knew because the sparrows were dying or something crazy like that.

Remember how that one ended? cut for information possibly related to SPN plot points that haven't actually aired yet, but not likely, since I just thought of this out of the blue, LOL, )
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So, I didn't watch last night's epi. It's sitting on my DVR where it will likely stay. I read enough commentary to know I don't have it in me to deal with that level of angst at the moment. But, I do have thoughts and a wee crack theory. Actually, it has to be crack, because any of the logical options for where this is going to go kinda make me regret I ever started watching, so here's to hoping for crack!

Crack plot theory taken from the last three seasons and promo for next week's episode.Spoilers for last night's epi, even though I didn't see it. LOL. )
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Sorry for double posting. I'm really behind on updating.

First, thank you so much [ profile] sams1ra and [ profile] calamitycrow for the Yorkies on my profile page. They're so adorable. I want one for real now. LOL.

And a new LJ community that I can totally get behind. [ profile] fandom5k

fandom 5k

It doesn't matter what you can do now, I have no doubt you can ALL walk or run 3.1 miles by June 30. Do I really need to tell you the benefits of weight-bearing exercise? Here's a chance to get in shape, support fandom, and any worthwhile cause. Fandom has a bad reputation. Contribute to the good karma, eh?
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For those of you who are interested, I posted a race report over here in the runner's community.

It got long and rambly as most of my posts do. :P

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend.
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I ran my 10 mile road race this morning in 1 hr 41 minutes and 40 seconds. That's a 10:10 min/mile pace. So I'm tickled with that. I was aiming for under 1 hour 50.

Now, I'm gonna hang out and watch Veronica Mars on Netflix. LOL.

No pics this time, cuz hubby had to stay home and feed the ponies. But I met some new cool people. :D
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So, the burning questions of the day as I see them.

1)Am I the only one who didn't rush out to buy the season 5 box set today? (I haven't even bought season 4 yet.)
2)Which special bonuses are the most worthwhile?

3)How did Misha Collins run 50 miles without this happening?

4)And most importantly: Is this the source of the bloody bandaid, and how much would fans pay for these puppies?

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Watching the Bones marathon on TNT, and this commercial came on. I can't be the first one to have seen it, but in case I'm not the last. LOL!

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Some of you guessed correctly. Woohoo!

Anyway, my summergen fic is The Name of My Soul. The person I wrote it for dropped out, it seems, so I'll never know if she liked it. Also seems as though the person who got my prompts dropped out, as one of the pinch hitters wrote mine. LOL.

Anyway, I might crosspost this someday. I want to rework the ending first, since I feel it's a little heavy-handed compared to the rest of the story, but in case anyone was wondering what I wrote and, like me, didn't have time to read through them all, there it is.

There's also a handy Summergen 2010 Master List.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for summer to be over ASAP.

Hope everyone is well, getting back to school and tackling whatever obstacles life's throwing at you. If I'm not around to comment on your posts, it doesn't mean I don't care. *squishes*
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I couldn't think of a way to end this, so not going to claim it, but my friends are more than welcome to read.


Just a few f-bombs. Nothing else. Also, Gen.


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