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First, the amusement... according to my super secret tracking device, someone is reading The Second Man through a University of Wisconsin server. I don't know why that amuses me, but it's almost as amusing to me as those hits from Richardson, Texas. LOL.

Anyway, my question. Anyone on my list use or know anyone else who uses a Tracfone? Here's the thing: I HATE phones. If you call me, I probably won't answer. I definitely won't be calling you. That's why I have email. (And the 'you' in this case is just everyone, in general, nothing personal. I sometimes pick up for family. LOL.) I am sick to death of people ON cell phones, driving like morons and hiding their phones under their paper work at work so it looks like they're not texting people instead of working. I have no love for the wireless phone.

But I need one. I need one so I can call work and work can call me. I need one for when I'm running and realize I'm not going to get home in time to get ready for work. "Please come get me! I fail!" And for when I break down on the side of the road, or just for emergencies, in general. And lately, our home phone, which is wireless, has just gone dead. It was only working for ten minutes at a time anyway, and they no longer make a battery that fits it, and I'm sick of paying seventy bucks a month when we don't call anyone and no one calls us.

I'm thinking prepaid is the way to go.

I mean, I know that the options are pretty limited and the quality and function of these type of phones tends to be lower and limited as well, but all I need is to have it when I need it. I will probably almost never use it. I don't plan on surfing the web, emailing, texting, playing games, or any of the other blah, blah that I have a computer for. I rather think I need time offline to stay sane, ya know?

So, does anybody use this type of service? Any noteable problems? Things you wish you'd known before you tried it? Reasons I should definitely NOT take the plunge?

Erm, halp?
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Hopefully this is a quick, simple question.

If I have and .mp3 of a song saved on my comp, is there a way get just a snip of the song, maybe even record a fade at the end of the snip? I'd be happy with just being able to extract snips.

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Anybody have Rough Draft and Windows Vista? Are the two compatible?

I'm going computer shopping today and everything has Vista unless I wanna fork over for XP downgrade. I would hate if Rough Draft didn't work, but I guess sacrifices... *ponders*
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I'll put it behind a cut just in case anyone hasn't seen all of season 4 yet.

Cut for season four spoilers. )
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We gather not to bury Caesar, but to...

Angst over our bigbang story and how it ties in to the show.

[ profile] chocca2 and I have been tossing ideas back and forth for awhile now. Basically, the story is written, but the backstory is not. And given the way that Season Four ended, it's very important to us that we keep Sam a sympathetic character, despite what we plan for him to do in the story. So, the backstory, to me, is important. And I do plan to infuse it into the story once I figure out what it is.

So, we need help from all of you, since you'll be the ones reading it. Okay, so most of you probably won't given that it's a Gen story, but you can still help us with the characterization, or at least keep us from doing something you'll absolutely hate.

I tried to create a poll, but it would not post for me. I sent the code to my dear cowriter, and she posted it for me. Yay!

So, um, Everybody loves a poll! You know you wanna clicky. Only a slight spoiler for the story. Spoilery if you haven't seen all of season 4 yet. Also, some fun speculation questions about SPN that you might like even if you don't read the story .

C'mon, you know you wanna! Please? *puppy eyes*

It's open to everyone, since the reveals and artists are already in place. Feel free to peek.
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This isn't fandom related. Just something I'm wondering that's probably completely pointless to post on a Saturday night right before I leave for work, but I'm going to do it anyway.

With regard to statcounters and pingbacks.

Firstly, I don't think LJ has worked the kinks out of their pingback feature yet. On my last two big posts I posted them privately in my journal while I worked on them and then made a current post linking back to them so the dates would be accurate for future reference. I know that's anal, but whatever. Anyway, I got pingback notifications for the links I posted in my own journal to links further down in my own journal. I found that amusing. But on both those entries, I have found (by browsing comms and other journals) that those posts have been linked back to many times and I have only received a notification for one. The posts I found where I was linked were at least public enough for me to read, so I don't think it's an issue of them being linked in a locked post or anything. Anyone care to venture what's up with that? Just an LJ glitch?

And statcounters.

I have a few. The most obvious one is the sitemeter in my sidebar, which y'all can't see without going to my actual journal page since I have custom comment pages disabled. Here's the thing. Every week I get a little update on that. And the numbers are downright puny.

For example, it said, on the day I posted that fic, that I had 72 hits to my whole journal. o_O I also have an invisible counter on certain entries. The invisible counter said I had over 1600 hits that day, just to those two entries. Mostly to the one, but a few to the other.

Here's what I think the issue is. I think when I set up the sitemeter, I set it up to record only new or unique hits. I did that because I know most of the hits on my journal on days when I'm not posting fic are me. I don't mind it counting me once, but I don't want to be counted twenty times in one day. I think I assumed, (wrongly) that it would record unique hits within a certain time frame, like within 24 hours or so. I now believe it is only recording unique hits altogether. So, once you've been to my journal for anything, you're counted and will never be counted again.

Could that be the case? I just cannot figure out any other reason why I get so few hits on my sitemeter.

On the one hand, it looks bad, lol, in case people actually look at that and compare.

On the other, I get 38 unique hits a day on average. And over 14000 unique computers have visited my LJ.

So, um, my question is, what statcounters do y'all use, and which do you find the most helpful?

That is all. Going to work now.
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K, so two posts in one day is a bad way to be on hiatus. In my defense, my computer was off, and I was not even thinking about it, was being a good little girl and... watching t.v. But hubby turned on this show called MANswers on Spike channel. Maybe you've heard of it. Among other precious little tidbits of information, I learned that the horniest animal on the planet is the pygmy bonobo(sp?) chimpanzee who can do it 50 times in an hour, LOL, and restaurant heat lamps can cure hemorrhoids.

Cut for the thing that really made me go, BZUH, which takes me awhile to disclose, since apparently I'm long-winded )


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