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Heading out for my long run day. How long, you ask? I don't even know. LOL. *consults the archangel miCoach* Um, looks like 1hour and 45 minutes. Hopefully, that will work out to around ten miles, but I'm feeling kinda wiped, so we'll see.

But whatevs, I got my pink crush running skirt on, so I'll look cute no matter what. LOL.

I think I'm caught up on comment replies for the last two posts at least, so I feel safe making another post,at this point. I'm in a mood for confessions.

First confession, I posted that meta on m/m fiction on my Facebook where all my family can read it, and so far, no one's disowned me, but I highly doubt my auntie will be asking me to send her stories ever again. LOL.

Second confession, I totally forgot there was a con going on this weekend. :S I'm so out of touch.

Third confession, I'm really amused and thankful for all the milk and cookies on my profile page, especially the part where almost everyone who sent them felt like they had to say something about there not being any calories. LOL. So, Heather, Jo, Keren, [ profile] mini_moue and [ profile] jane_eyre thank you for looking after my assets. LOL.

Fourth confession, I don't comment there, but I lurk on the anonmeme all the time. I like it there. There are at least one or two people there who could be me. Some of the best show discussion in the fandom either happens there or is linked from there. The fact that I never get mentioned hurts my feelings. LOL. If you or your friends have been bashed there, I'm sorry, but that's not all that happens there. I like it, because you can discuss show without worrying about hurting anyone on your flist's feelings. And when someone's talking out of their ass, people are quick to point it out. You don't have to like the idea of it or go there, but I think a lot of people are biased against it based on third or fourth hand information, and that's really unfortunate. Like I said, though, I'm brave enough to lurk there, but I don't comment, which makes me kind of a pansy. Whatever.

Fifth confession, I am not happy with show right now.

Sixth confession, I know how it ends! BWahahahahahaha! If you wanna know, look behind here. Spoilers only if you haven't seen every other episode up to now. )

And it's a good thing I'm not Catholic, because I think I just abused my confessional privileges by feeding you that line of B.S. I'm so going to Hell.

Seventh confession, I appear to be loopy on caffeine or something.
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I've been reading a few finale speculation threads. I'll be honest, none of the theories will make me a happy camper, but that's beside the point. The thing that worries me the most about some of these ideas is that they expect the season 5 finale to end on a cliffhanger.

Please, say it ain't so!

Honestly, at this point, I just want the show I've been hanging with for 5 seasons to tie things up so I finally know what happens to the characters I'm invested in. I don't want the emotional espionage of a cliffhanger, but I suppose it's still possible. I was really hoping the finale would tie up all the major plot points with regards to, at least, Dean and Sam, at the end of the finale so we could start fresh next season. Am I the only one who was expecting/hoping for that?

What do y'all think? Will it end on a cliffhanger or will things be pretty much neatly tied up? I'm thinking I'd prefer a season 2 type finale, but this isn't about what you'd prefer. It's more, what do you think we'll get? Has anyone heard from TPTB that it's gonna be a cliffie?

[Poll #1561855]

I'm leaving the comment box open if you want to express your feelings, but please, if you're going to include spoilers, put that in your subject line, thanks.
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There is too much serious business circulating around these parts. *kicks dirt*

So, just to lighten things up bit, a random observation regarding the S4 gag reel bits I've managed to sneak a peek at.

Cut for gag reel spoilers...sorta and references to m/m sex )
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Um, okay, thank you everybody for commenting on my ponies. Yes, they are beautiful Arabians. *blushes* I wasn't going to post again until I had caught up on comments, but as I was waking up just a bit ago... you know that time when you have stupid thoughts that seem uber profound? Okay, so I had one.

It's sorta SPN related but not spoilery, just..

So, the apocalypse... I just realized, that until SPN came along and made the Apocalypse a whole demon plot thingie, I've always considered Armageddon to be GOD's gig. Isn't that what the whole 'fear of God' thing is about? Making yourself perfect so as to escape His wrath? I mean, first there was the flood, and then after that, the rainbow which promised never again would there be a flood. But somewhere doesn't it say that the next time it would be fire and brimstone? And isn't the whole rapture supposed to be God's way of saving the righteous from HIS wrath?

Now that I've recalled my previous convictions, I find myself trying to rectify that with Supernatural mythology (which one should never do, BTW.) I have somehow convinced myself Lucifer is the prodigal son. God's got all his bases covered. Christ at his right hand, Lucifer at the left, and we're all screwed somewhere in the middle. I wonder where that leaves Sam and Dean? *ponders*

Um, I dunno if anyone cares to comment or whatever, but please if you comment with spoilers put that in your subject line.

*off to work*

ETA: I accidentally changed this to my default icon when I uploaded it. Bwahahahaha! I don't think I'll keep it, but it tickles me for today.


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