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I'm bored. Let's try this meme. Kk?

I saw something like this awhile back, but I'mma take my own twist on it.

I'm going to tell you something about myself that I think is peculiar and gives you more of an idea of what kind of person I am or think I am. If you've ever done one of these things, then reply in the comments and post this in your journal along with something or things that you find interesting about yourself. (Preferably something about you and not a fandom opinion.)

I wonder if I'm the only person who:

- turns the toilet paper roll around if it's in the holder with the trailing end going down the back instead of over the top, the way it's supposed to be!
-will stop in the road if I see a turtle crossing and help it to the other side.
-has hit a snake on the head to save the baby rabbit it was trying to kill.
-has caught a snake in my house and let it go outside.
-has caught a spider in my house and let it go outside.
-thinks a plastic tumbler filled with vanilla ice cream with hot coffee poured over the top is comfort food.
-leaves the sticky protective backing on her laptop lid so that she has a place to put stickers without ruining her computer. :P

Okay, so who wants to play? Anyone done any of those things. Help me Obi-list, you're my only hope.



Mar. 13th, 2009 06:06 pm
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I usually don't do these things, and let me tell ya, it put me waaaaayyyy over my internet allotment for the day to read all those pages. I'm not going to pimp myself, because I don't know if my computer can hold up to go back and read the comments, but a lot my friends are on there, and they don't have enough comments. So, get your butts over thar. Undule!

I'm gonna love you 'til the wheels come off (a meme)
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This where I officially give up on keeping up with everyone's birthdays. I fail so hard. I get the little notifications, make a mental note, and then a week later... well, you get the picture. And I feel bad wishing X,Y, and Z a happy birthday when I know I totally snubbed A, B, and C. I'm officially saying, I love you all, and you're all welcome to request something. Don't be afraid to say, "You forgot my birthday, bitch, now pay up!" Cuz I totally would. If it makes you feel better, I once forgot my hubby's birthday. Even scarier, this year I said to him, "Wow, next year you'll be the big _0(insert scary big number)." And he said, "I'm _0 today."

So, it ain't just y'all. Last year, I also thought I was a year older than I actually am. *is ded* And just why are so many of you born in February? LOL.

Now, on to the meme. I got prompted by [ profile] lovelylora

Random association meme.
Ask me to associate you with five things. When I do this, post this meme and an explanation of your interest in those five things in your journal.

My list was:

1. Jensen
2. Fanfic
3. Farm
4. Wincest
5. Manny Skerrit
Cut for a lot of rambling tl;dr )

So, man, I talk a lot when I get going. I should probably post a little every day instead of saving stuff up until I break my LJ, but oh wells. I'm going to bed now, so I won't get right back to you, but if you wanna play, please do. *smooshes*
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I haven't posted in a few days because of work, and I saw this and thought it would be fun since I just removed all my Rhapsody tracks from my mp3 player yesterday (although, while I was doing this, I discovered there's some things on there that still prompt me to log and renew my subscription, dammit).

Stolen from [ profile] country_bee

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike through when someone gets them right
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

I'm heading out to work, so I won't be striking through, but I hope y'all will guess anyway. Hee!

1.24 Oceans, 24 skies
2.Reborn and shivering
3.The wind blows hard against this mountanside
4.If I should die, this very moment
5.Got a picture of your house
6.You my friend, you’re a lot like them
7.You and I will never make it out of here alive
8.It starts with pain, followed by hate
9.It ain’t easy livin’ free
10.You come out at night
11.I can’t escape this Hell
12.I will not make the same mistakes that you did
13.Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
14.I can’t see the stars anymore living here
15.I don’t believe in the smile that you leave
16.Don’t hold yourself like that
17.It’s hard to argue when you wont stop making sense
18.Take a photograph
19.I left a note on the table
20.Take this silver lining
21.Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body
22.A thousand times I’ve seen you standing
23.Now if you’re feeling kinda low bout the dues you’ve been paying
24.There’s no one in town I know
25.I get up at seven, yay

Also, random thoughts real quick.

Things I wonder about:

I wonder why I care who the J's are dating when I don't even know if my brother has a girlfriend.

I wonder why people post rants and call them discussions.

I wonder what Hostess was thinking when they named their nommies Twinkies, Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs, and Creme Pies...

I wonder if Misha really can...

And I DON'T wonder what kind of noise a dolphin mated with a sea monkey would make, cuz [ profile] celtic_cookie totally MADE the NOISE when she did the audio version of "Go Fish," and I still grin stupidly every time I listen.

Okay, off to battle traffic. WAH!
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I was tagged by [ profile] pinkoceantides so here I go with sixteen random facts.

1.) I have to go to the bathroom.

2.) My icon makes me happy. It looks like one of those engagement announcement photos out of a local newspaper. *big, stupid grin*

3.) I get really grossed out when people talk about vibrators and menstruation on their journals. LOL. Don't stop doing it, just don't feel bad if I never, ever comment on those entries.

4.) For the record, I do not own, nor have I ever seen a vibrator anywhere except online. I think I'm blushing just thinking about it.

5.) Numbers 3 and 4 are fresh in my mind because I was reading a comm friend list which I do when I'm bored. (I don't answer polls when I do that, though, cuz that would be weird, lol.)

6.) I used to go to bed and pray never to wake up again. I still do, sometimes.

7.) I think most people secretly want to defriend me but are afraid I might go off the deep end if they do, so they just filter me out and pretend I'm not here.

8.) I think number 7 is a sign of mental illness. *is crazy*

9.) There's a cardinal on a branch outside my window right now.

10.) I think every day about going back to Wisconsin and never leaving the farm again. (But I don't think they get the CW there, so I have to wait at least until Supernatural is over.)

11.) When I was in college, I secretly wanted to join the Peace Corps, but I heard it was really competitive to get into, so I convinced myself I really wanted to go to grad school instead.

12.) I wish I knew where my focus was supposed to be. I feel like everything I can do can be done better by someone else, so why bother.

13.) I think Lilac and Lily of the Valley are the most perfect scents in the whole world.

14.) I miss long, hot bubble baths. For some reason, our tub doesn't hold water.

15.) I had a beautiful flower garden in Wisconsin and haven't managed to grow one single thing in Texas.

16.) I've eaten head cheese. (Yes, it was disgusting.)

I was gonna say I'm not tagging anyone, because I know a lot of you don't like these things, but if I don't tag somebody, this just seems like a lot of whining, doesn't it? LOL. So, I'mma tag people, but you're not under any obligation to do it.

[ profile] captcrashsc (I hope I spelled that right from memory), [ profile] ysbail, [ profile] susannaheanes, [ profile] samidha, [ profile] sams1ra, [ profile] nontimebotree, [ profile] angels3, and [ profile] dawnfirenight. I'm pretty sure I spelled some of those wrong, but you know who you are. LOL.
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This is another one I just discovered that's probably been around for ages. I'm having to scour the internetz to find more so I don't use up all my favorites before Christmas, lol.

Welcome to Our World--Michael W. Smith

In other news, it's COLD outside. Freezing rain is always fun.

Instead of writing, I've been playing in Paintshop and Photoshop, cuz I'm a bad, bad girl. *points to shiny new icon*

I have no candles!!! This makes me angry. My favorite way to write is at my kitchen table with music on and a candle. Yes, I know, I'll probably go blind, but I don't care. Anyway, I've scoured the house, and we have tons of incense but no candles. Sigh. I don't suppose anyone knows if there's a fireplace screensaver somewhere. Do they make screensavers that make noise? Cuz that would be awesome.

I feel icky. Probably I should eat something other than peanut butter, yes?

[ profile] unplugged32 sent me an awesome gift card! She is amazing! I think, since I went to Chicago, I'll use it to buy Dan something for Christmas, because I'm not kidding when I say he wasn't getting anything this year. And neither was I, but now I can give him something, so I feel better. Somehow, I don't think he was too impressed with the Supernatural shot glass I brought back from Chicago, lol. But it was all I could fit on the plane!

And because [ profile] mummyluvr314 tagged me and is awesome, I has a meme. I'll put it behind a cut to spare your f-lists.

Random Stuff about me meme )

Wow, how did that get so depressing. WAH! Good thing it's behind a cut, lol. As for tagging... I've seen this thing all over my flist, so I can't remember anymore who has and who hasn't done it, so I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it, feel free to say I tagged you. LOL.
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Um, this is interesting to me, because the last question was, pick up to three of your favorite colors if you want to. I picked green and violet, couldn't pick another one, so just left it at two, and the result I got was, "Your rainbow is strongly colored green and violet." So, I said, hmmmm, that's a strange coincidence, what if I don't pick any colors for the last question? So, I clicked back and didn't pick any colors for the last question, and got almost the same answer, except now it's this

Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, violet, and white.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. People depend on you to make them feel secure.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Same colors but only the last line of text is different. hmmm. I also answered the questions really fast without really thinking, so it's funny to me that the two colors I would pick are the ones I get even if I dont' pick them. Does that make sense? Probably not. *yawn*


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