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So, I owe comments and a bigbang draft.

And I slept through yesterday.

Slept through it.

The whole day.

I hate being sick. But hey, it's not swine flu... I don't think. Although that is the running joke at work, because everyone has it, and most of the work force is Mexican... *rolls eyes*

So,um, yeah. I crashed around 9a.m. yesterday when I got home from work, slept til five. Got up and made dinner. (Steak and eggs. I'm such a carnivore when I'm sick.) Immediately fell prostrate on the couch with my doggies, and did not move, despite my intentions to watch Ghost Hunters, until almost 1 a.m.

So, um, I plan to write the end of our bigbang in one day! Go me!

Wish me luck, or you know, shoot me, whichever is easiest. *swoons because I 'R Drama Queen*

*sniff, sniff... Ack!*

ETA: Also worked on my website this weekend. I think it's a little busy. LOL. But I like it. Haven't done much with the last two pages, though, so none of the menu links go to the right places. Pish posh.
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It's bigbang time again. I set up a filter last year, and I'm setting one up again this year.

What you need to know. I'm cowriting a Gen fic with [ profile] chocca2. Don't let the Gen part scare you, it's going to be creepy as hell with enough emotional intensity that you hopefully won't even miss the sex. I hope. That being said, it's going to be really dark. I feel a little like Hannibal Lector has signed on as a third cowriter.

I don't plan on actually posting anything under this filter except maybe random polls and maybe a couple music links for mood until after the rough draft is completed, because people who were on it last year know I changed horses mid-stream, and I don't want to waste anyone's time. But once the rough draft is finished updates will probably be pretty frequent as I always have questions about timelines and pacing...*rolls eyes at self*

If you're signed up as an artist, sorry you can't be on the filter. Not that I don't love you, just that the artist pairing process is supposed to be blind and I'd like to keep it that way. (Even though, I'm a wee bit worried no one will want to pick this one when they read the summary, lol.)

That's about it for now. I'm not going to give any hints as to what the fic is about outside the filter. If anyone ends up on the filter and is squicked out by the nature of the story, then you are free to say so. I'm really excited about this one.

Comments will be screened so no one will know who has or hasn't commented. Just drop me a quick "Yay, I wanna be on teh feeltur," if you want on, and I'll take the first ten people, assuming there are that many who want to read it. If you're not interested just skip on by.

Also, let it be known that we'll eventually need a beta for this thing. I'm afraid most of my usual go-tos prefer to read slash, so if there's someone out there who wants to beta Gen, could you keep us in mind? *bats eyelashes*

ETA: Wow, you guys. I got my ten, and two offers for beta. Awesome! I realize I posted this after a few of you had already gone to bed, so if you see this and you still want to be on the filter, go ahead and comment. I added a few extra last year, too. You guys are so supportive. *wibbles*
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I know I said I wouldn't, but...

[ profile] chocca2 and I are doing a cowrite this time around, and it's GEN, OMG! Ugh, I feel like such an outsider reading the list, haha, but that's nothing new for me, yes?

What are we gonna be writing, you ask? Um, like the darkest thing I've ever attempted in my life. People might die from it. J/K. But seriously I think on some of the scenes we've got planned and wonder how many times people will hit the back button. Gonna need some serious warnings, methinks. Imagine Mystery Spot without the funny. But I'm sooo excited about it.

"World So Cold," by 12 Stones and "Dead Skin" by crossfade... only yeah... Sam and Dean. LOL.

Today, life is pretty decent.

I'm going to bed. *nods*
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Part Two
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Title: Something Golden (Conversations from the End)
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Artist: [ profile] bittersweet_art, She did an amazing job. I hope the story lives up to her art.
Rating: R (I fail)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warnings: Language, m/m sex, incest
Words: ~43,000
Summary: In the end, Dean and Sam take on Hell together, and when it falls, they climb out together, worse for wear, but whole, which is more than can be said for the rest of the world. The landscape's marred, sepia-toned with black clouds above, no sun, no moon, winter, or spring, just the endless road and red-lightning overhead. But it's all theirs. Months of driving, dodging the daily bouts of acid rain and eating out of cans and convenience stores, and Sam's ready for more. He's just not sure what more is until Dean stops breathing on the floor of a motel room in Texas. The world they can lose, but never each other. If Dean can handle a Sam that wants to hold tight when no one's dying and there's nowhere to go, then Sam can deal with a Dean who paints rainbows in a sky with no sun. And maybe what's gold will stay this time around.
Disclaimer: Don' t own anything you recognize. Making no moneys, or money either.
Betas: My darling [ profile] ysbail, [ profile] feather_touch, and [ profile] rejeneration
A/N:Written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang challenge. This story is written purposely on the fringes of believability for reasons I name in the extended author notes at the end of the story. If you're one of those people who stops reading the second something seems unlikely or improbable, I only ask that you have a little faith and hang out for the end. Or, you know, read the author notes first, but that will spoil the story.
Master Art Post: Amazing Art

|Art|Soundtrack|Part One|Part Two| Part Three| Part Four--The End|DVD extras aka Author notes|

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