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I ran my 10 mile road race this morning in 1 hr 41 minutes and 40 seconds. That's a 10:10 min/mile pace. So I'm tickled with that. I was aiming for under 1 hour 50.

Now, I'm gonna hang out and watch Veronica Mars on Netflix. LOL.

No pics this time, cuz hubby had to stay home and feed the ponies. But I met some new cool people. :D
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I owe a ton of comments, but I only have a few minutes to get to bed if I want to get any sleep in before work tonight, so y'all are on the list for tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

I just wanted to let you know that venting my frustration and reading y'all's reactions has helped me find my zen with regards to Chicago.

And the zen of it is, I'm not buying any convention tickets. It's just not cost effective. Even the 50 dollars for the nosebleed pass would buy five bales of hay, which would feed my horses for almost a week. So, no, not buying con tickets, but if there are still any available when the time comes around, I might. I'm just not going to stress about grabbing stuff up before it's gone. That's how they get the power to keep raising the prices. Not going to worry about it. If a way presents itself, then so be it.

And once I made my peace with that, a couple other things worked themselves out in my mind. I've been really hung up on working with Team in Training as the charity. Mostly because they pay race entry, hotel, and airfare, so that's three things I don't have to worry about. However, the minimum fundraising I'd have to do is 3900 dollars. And if I don't make the goal, I have to pay it out of my pocket. Most likely I'd spend all the time I would've been worried about hotel and airfare, worrying about the fundrasing instead. It makes more sense to choose another charity with no minimum fundraising requirement. Besides, a lot of people who donate to TNT are put off by the fact that part of their donation goes to pay hotel and airfare (like running a marathon is a vacation, LOL.) So, anyway, been looking around, and there are a bunch of charities who let you raise as much or as little money as you can, with no pressure, and the only catch is we have to pay our own race entry ($135.00), hotel, and airfare. I can probably save up hotel and airfare a lot faster than I can fundraise 3900.00. So, yeah, still going to run for a charity, but probably not that one. Thinking about American Institute for Cancer Research.

And so, that's how that's working out. Just wanted everyone to know that I read and digested all your comments, even the ones I haven't had a chance to reply to yet. And they helped a bunch. *squishes*
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First, I have a new layout. And I love it. So there. [ profile] tru_faith_lost

Second, unless I die or fail to make the fundraising goal ($3900.00) I'm planning to run the Chicago Marathon next October. And yes, it's the same weekend as Chicago Con. Maybe I can get them to sign my race bib. :|a

Anyway, it has begun. If this kind of thing annoys you, defriend or filter out. Whatever trips your trigger.

Here's where I am in my training. Week 10. Which means, four miles today. Right after my nap and strength training. Here's hoping I don't sleep through Supernatural tonight.

Base Building
Basically what it says.
Base Building

P.S. Because I seem to have developed a ravaging case of unfulfilled expectationsitis that is sucking the life out of my muse, any fic I post for the time being will likely be WIP and posted with comments disabled. The end.


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