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Title: Living Out Loud (1/5) COMPLETE
Author:[ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: None, Gen fic with Dean, Sam, and several OC's.
Words: 45,800 in five linked parts
Warnings: Language, Reposted
Disclaimers: No profit or defamation made or implied.
Summary: AU set post-Season 1, but written during Season 1 so anything that happened after Shadow is not only speculation but highly inaccurate. The Winchester boys have defeated the demon and lost their father but come out the other side with a successful family business that allows them to get paid for hunting and a bright future. Dean's past might change all that when he falls seriously ill, and Sam finds out, it's not the first time. Then it's a race against time for a cure only a dead man knows.
A/N: Firstly, yes, this is a repost. I originally took it down, because, despite the fact that people really liked it, I feel like I've changed as a writer since then, and every time I read it, I see things wrong with it that make my skin crawl. (Bad segues, gaping plot holes, use of italics out the wazoo, use of italics for inner voice, POV switching, completely fabricated medical and mythological details, and UGH.) But people have been requesting it, and I keep filing all your little messages away so that I can reply to all of you at once, and then do something stupid like clean out my inbox. I'll still gladly give a file of this story to anyone who wants it, or you can purchase it in Zine for from Agents with Style, but I feel really awkward asking people for their email addresses. I'd be much more comfortable having it online so you can read at leisure and not have to disclose your personal information to me. I'm kind of a private person in that regard.I haven't fixed this at all from it's original version, despite the fact that I still can't read it without cringing, so hopefully it is as you originally found it, except now it's on LJ. I have no problem with people saving it to their hard drives, etc, or sharing it with friends, just do not repost it in any form without my permission. K?

Living Out Loud, Part One )


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