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First, belated thanks to [ profile] almightyspaz and [ profile] vanae for the baby otters and to [ profile] jellicle for the adorable puppy. Sooo, cute! My profile is happy making. :D

Second, only two weeks until LA! I know a few people who are going to be there; [ profile] kj_svala, [ profile] heather03nmg, and [ profile] 3rd_leg are going to be Me overloaded by the end of the weekend. I swear, I only stink a little. :P

Is anyone else going to be there??

And now onto the point of this post. Vampires. Funny story about last night's pre-emption of SPN. I mentioned it to hubby several times during the day that it wouldn't be on, and yet, he turned it over to the CW at 8:00 and said, "You didn't even remind me to turn it on." I don't know why I waste my breath. I also mentioned I wasn't planning to watch it, but again, deaf ears. Now the funny part is, he didn't bother to change the channel when Nikita came on. So, I came in and found him watching Nikita. The traitor. Well, okay, it was mostly watching him at that point. So, I clicked it onto American Idol which I had DVRed the night before. Long story short, they moved Nikita to compensate for the loss of audience to AI, and I still managed to turn on American Idol instead. (The AI abbreviation always makes me think of Artificial Insemination. I grew up on a farm. Sorry.)

About the vampires, though. Tonight we watched Lost Boys: the Tribe on Netflix. It was all right, lacked the plot twists that made the first one epic, but not bad as vampire movies go. But it got me thinking about Dean Winchester (like everything doesn't get me thinking about Dean Winchester, anyway.) Y'know, what I'm talking about, the Twihard episode? In this movie they went with a very similar plot, people get 'turned' by drinking the blood of the vampire, but aren't a full vamp until they make a kill and drink someone themselves. I got to wondering if there are any stories out there in which the infected humans hold out indefinitely.

The reason I wonder is, well we had Dean hold out for awhile, though it was portrayed as excruciatingly difficult. Not really a surprise for me, though, that he could do it, since he's basically had to hold out on the pursuit of anything that makes being human worthwhile. He's been doing that his whole life. I'm beginning to think being human's never going to be anything except angst fodder and misery in that universe, since they're obviously never supposed to enjoy it. Anyway, that's beside the point. It just made me think, though, how is it that people, Dean Winchester as an example, can basically abstain from the joy of being human, but people are seemingly unable to withstand the draw to become something other than human. I wonder why that is? What is human nature if it's so much easier to deny than the nature of the beast?

It makes me want to write a story in which someone is infected by a vampire or some other such creature and never succumbs to drinking blood or killing. I mean, we have examples of full vamps who drink only non human blood, but they still got fully vamped by giving in to the call. It seems vampire lore isn't entirely set in stone, or else how would you explain the Twivamps? I think, if it was twisted so that an infected person didn't actually need blood to survive but only craved it, there could be a fascinating character to play with. He (or she) could still have some of the power (I kinda like the idea of thrall myself) but be neither human nor vampire, indefinitely. How would other vampires treat him? How would he interact with humans?

Does anyone know of any stories like this? Because I kinda have it in my head that vamps are divided by this character, some who see him as a Messiah type, some who see him as a threat. It could be epic...

*is pondering* But really, does the world need another vampire story?


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