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I usually try to thank everyone individually, but my inbox isn't getting any less full of things I need to reply to. I just want everyone to know that you made my day on Saturday. I had to work, and so did Dan, so he gave me a banana nut muffin with candles on it (so NOT in my diet) and a cute piece of cardboard with Happy Birthday, Love You, 35 written on it. Hahaha. I'm still waiting on the running shoes and the stopwatch. :P

Like I said, I was at work. I did sneak online and try to reply to people if I saw a Happy Birthday post, but I couldn't always get the time. I hope I've caught everyone, but if not, feel free to tug on my pant leg or something.

This list is mostly from memory, so I'm positive I forgot a few.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who took the time to say Happy Birthday or send a hug.

[ profile] tigriswolf -- she wrote me fic!
[ profile] ysbail -- love the V-gift!
[ profile] heather03nmg -- fireworks. Hee! That's what happens when you spend too much time spooning.
[ profile] sams1ra -- Thank you!
[ profile] jjsgatlantis -- Thank you!
[ profile] cologne_chick -- Thank you!
[ profile] raloria -- Thank you!
[ profile] almightyspaz -- Thank you!
[ profile] vanae -- Most awesome card ever, AND Jensen with a horse FTW! Thank you!
[ profile] chocca2 -- got the book, card, and bubble soap yesterday. Whee! Thank you!
[ profile] leighm -- Thank you!
[ profile] lexzilla -- Thank you!
[ profile] unplugged32 -- Used her last ten minutes of internetz to hunt me down. Thank you!
[ profile] prophetofdoomy -- Thank you!
[ profile] pixel_0 -- Thank you! And thanks for the beta!
[ profile] sarahk_63 -- Pressies! For me! Thank you!
[ profile] layne67 -- Thanks so much!
[ profile] apieceofcake -- Always gorgeous! Thank you!
[ profile] ewanspotter -- Thank you! And gentle hugs so as not to hurt your sunburn.
[ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l -- Thank you!
[ profile] tigremere -- Got my party pants on!
[ profile] starry_ice -- MWAH! Thank you!
[ profile] larienelengasse -- Thank you!
[ profile] beta124 -- Howdy new friend! Thank you!
[ profile] morning_sunlite -- Thanks so much!
[ profile] kaz2y5i6y -- hope I spelled that right! Thank you!
[ profile] qultng1 -- Thanks, Nana!
[ profile] nocturniquette1 -- Fairy with a flute FTW! Thank you!
[ profile] nontimebotree -- I'm afraid, very afraid! MWAH!

Whew! I hope that's everybody.

Again, thank you all so much!


On to new business. This isn't my health and fitness filter, but I gotta say, these workout endorphins are potent, because I spent most of yesterday reading through that anon meme that everyone's talking about, and I didn't even get my feathers ruffled. Call me mellow yellow, I guess. Though, apparently all the bigbangs suck this year, so the pressure is off to make our good, eh, Chocca? Apparently so long as we post something that's not a J2 AU we'll get someone to read it. Damn, and I really have some great ideas for J2 AUs. :P

Anyway, I'm supposed to be at work right now. Went in, and my boss said, "Guess what? A's in Georgia, and I don't know if he's ever coming back. If you go home right now, can you work tonight?" So, me being gullible, said yes, and now I have to work tonight and all weekend, and the plans we had to celebrate my birthday are all shot. But there's only me left. One auditor MIA. One on vacation until Friday. And one on medical leave. There were only four to begin with. What am I supposed to say? *shrugs*

Anyway, I guess I have all day to nap and work on bigbang. Wish me luck. And I'll try to reply to my comments on the health and fitness filter before this weekend, because it's week 4, and I have results to post and changes to make, and woohoo! I feel good!

*smooshes everyone*

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Happy Birthday to
the lovely
and always entertaining
[ profile] deluweil

Hope it's amazing, darlin'.
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Happy, Happy birthday, to
the twice lovely
[ profile] lovelylora

Hope you have an awesome day, sweetie!
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So, I went to the Home page, which I never do, and I see that (unless y'all are lying about your b-days, lol)...

I missed one birthday and there's another one today.

Happy Birthday!
[ profile] sephy1968
and Happy Belated Birthday
[ profile] cradle_song.

You ladies make LJ a warmer place. MWAH!
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Happy Birthday to
[ profile] apieceofcake
Hope you have a wonderful day, JO!


Dec. 20th, 2008 06:47 am
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Happy Birthday to the wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, talented, intelligent, lovely, and sweet:
[ profile] maboheme

Hope you have a wonderful day, love. MWAH!
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Happy birthdays to
[ profile] bb1128
(a day late, sorry)


[ profile] little5150d

Hope you have(had) awesome days.


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