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Salvation is on TNT right now. And John's whole speech after Meg calls and demands he turns himself over is so Dean in Season 5.

"If I don't a lot of people will die." D'aww. Plus how he wants Sam to go to school and Dean to have a home and thinks he can give them that by leaving. *sigh*

*Smooshes Dean* Still Daddy's good little soldier after all that.
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Has anyone seen the advertisement for the new Resident Evil 5 video game?

It starts out with a narrator that says, "How can you live a normal life after you return from Hell?" (paraphrased)

Every time I see that advertisement, I think of Dean.

The other night it came on while hubby and I were watching t.v., and I said, "This advertisement always reminds me of Dean," and he said, "Me, too."

Yay! He even went on to say I was asleep on the couch when it came on earlier, and he wanted to wake me up and tell me it reminded him of Dean. LOL!

A little thought about the end of the last episode )
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Not an episode review. LOL. Just had a random thought while watching Supernatural that has nothing to do with Supernatural.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

UV radiation causes cells to mutate, right?

So, does anyone else see anything wrong with a vacuum cleaner that kills 80% of bacteria with UV radiation? Um, what about the other 20%?

*imagines giant Lou Ferrigno staph bugs crawling under your baby's fingernails*

And random: I have fic to post, but I hate it, and it's pretty pointless to post fic on the weekend anyway, right? Meh. What happened to the good old days when I knew exactly what I was trying to say and just said it, and it was at least a little entertaining?

Oh, wait, I have one little thing to say about Supernatural, and I guess it's kinda spoilery if you haven't even seen the promo of 4.16. *screens comments*

Cut for what could be perceived as spoilery )

ETA: According to my (apparently useless) Safari spell check, "unmoral" is a word. *kicks Safari spellcheck*. I don't even like that, and I'm the one who wrote it.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Crazy=/


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