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Sorry for double posting. I'm really behind on updating.

First, thank you so much [ profile] sams1ra and [ profile] calamitycrow for the Yorkies on my profile page. They're so adorable. I want one for real now. LOL.

And a new LJ community that I can totally get behind. [ profile] fandom5k

fandom 5k

It doesn't matter what you can do now, I have no doubt you can ALL walk or run 3.1 miles by June 30. Do I really need to tell you the benefits of weight-bearing exercise? Here's a chance to get in shape, support fandom, and any worthwhile cause. Fandom has a bad reputation. Contribute to the good karma, eh?
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For those of you who are interested, I posted a race report over here in the runner's community.

It got long and rambly as most of my posts do. :P

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend.
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I ran my 10 mile road race this morning in 1 hr 41 minutes and 40 seconds. That's a 10:10 min/mile pace. So I'm tickled with that. I was aiming for under 1 hour 50.

Now, I'm gonna hang out and watch Veronica Mars on Netflix. LOL.

No pics this time, cuz hubby had to stay home and feed the ponies. But I met some new cool people. :D
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I've been kinda training in a vacuum for awhile, it seems. Getting in my miles, following the plan, and loving all the support and feedback from my friends (hugs for all) but there was still the little niggling doubt in my head as to whether I could run a race or would just crumble under the pressure-- whether I could apply the training to anything but more training. So, I took the plunge and entered a race, and yesterday I even ran it. (Believe me, I was always well aware that there was no real penalty for just not showing up. LOL.) And you know what? I liked it! Hey, Tracy!

It's still a little surreal in my head, not because there was anything special about how the run went, but because I'm not even sure I know who that person was who showed up on that racecourse. Not me, I'm sure. Some other crazy bubbly chick who stole my clothes... and my bib... and my hair. This is her story, not mine, despite use of the first person narration.

Long story and pics behind the cut. )
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And sometimes you are the roadkill.

Updated the running blog with pictures of beautiful wildflowers, roadkill, and the reason photojournalism and interval runs don't mix.
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For anyone interested, I updated the running blog. There may or may not be an unflattering video of grossitude. But hey, if you ever wondered about those Trikke things, I think it's a pretty comprehensive review.
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I got bitten by dogs again while running. Same dogs. Same neighbors. Dan's kinda pissed.

I love dogs, but my patience is wearing thin. :/

pics behind cut )
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First, I have a new layout. And I love it. So there. [ profile] tru_faith_lost

Second, unless I die or fail to make the fundraising goal ($3900.00) I'm planning to run the Chicago Marathon next October. And yes, it's the same weekend as Chicago Con. Maybe I can get them to sign my race bib. :|a

Anyway, it has begun. If this kind of thing annoys you, defriend or filter out. Whatever trips your trigger.

Here's where I am in my training. Week 10. Which means, four miles today. Right after my nap and strength training. Here's hoping I don't sleep through Supernatural tonight.

Base Building
Basically what it says.
Base Building

P.S. Because I seem to have developed a ravaging case of unfulfilled expectationsitis that is sucking the life out of my muse, any fic I post for the time being will likely be WIP and posted with comments disabled. The end.
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So, I have no real idea what to post in here that's going to kick things off without a huge long backstory about my fitness and weight issues. Not gonna do that. Let's just say that this is my gene pool:

Cut for pics and talk of blood, sweat and tears )
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I'm busy lately and purposely not posting so I can do away with the constant need to check my email and see if people have replied. I don't mean to alienate anyone, and most of you are probably used to this by now, but I have to say it anyway. I ♥ you all muchly.

So, here's the thing. Last year, after I finally started coming out of my two year long depression, I realized I'd really lost track of my health and fitness goals. I was doing really well getting back on track until I went and over-extended myself on writing commitments, and then I was back glued to my comp and stalking my inbox. I slacked off quite a bit, and have been feeling crap in general.

Now, I find myself over-extended again, but I absolutely refuse to let myself slide again. I can't honestly say if my depression is triggered by lack of exercise and physical activity or if it's the other way around, but I know that I always feel better about myself when I maintain a solid workout schedule.

So, anyway, I've been doing really well with that for the last three weeks or so, and I was all excited to post about it and share my success and inspiration with y'all, and then a certain bigbang fic was posted. The response to the fic made me feel like exercise and fitness were not safe topics to post about anymore, so I just haven't been posting. If I'm honest, I loved the story except for the part where Jensen is a loser who can't get his life together without Jared, and Jared's a total ray of sunshine who changes the world just by being in it. LOL. One of the fandom cliches that really makes me stop reading fic, I'll tell you. But hey, the story was from Jensen's POV, and I can sorta see where Jared had issues that Jensen just didn't see because, well, he was dealing with his own in an exceptionally self-deprecating manner. So, I actually loved the story. I'm sorry some people were hurt by it.

My options at this point seem to be, just shut up and do my thing without posting about any of it, and let you all sit and wait for the stories to pop up, since the only way I can maintain the workouts and the writing is to not post about fandom or anything else. Or make a filter for the stuff that might bother y'all and let you all choose your own destiny. So, here's the polly.
Leaving comments off until I can get a chance to answer my previous ones. You know you can always PM or email me. There's even a handy contact form on my profile page, providing that you have a flash player or don't have flash blocked.

[Poll #1421018]

*smooshes to all*


Erm, I just realized I forgot to make it so I'm the only one who can see the results. So, I'm turning comments on and leaving them screened in case you want to be off the filter and don't want anyone to know. Also, if you do not indicate one way or the other, I'll automatically leave you off.


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