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I don't watch soaps anymore, but I used to. Growing up, my summer days were scheduled around horses and soap operas. That was before the day of VCR's even, so I went crazy during the school year.

I was ripping songs off my CD collection, and I came across "The Soap Song" by Carman. If you've ever listened to Carman, then you know what you're in for. You might even know the song.

Anyway, the first time I heard this song, I laughed. I don't watch soaps anymore, but I know some of you do, and I thought you'd find this amusing.

ETA: Carman is a Christian artist, so while the song is mostly humorous, he does mention Jesus Christ in the last line or so.

And even more random... Jared seems to have some chest hair in those Asylum pics. Why hasn't anyone written chest waxing fic yet?
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This song makes me feel weirdly nostalgic.

It also makes me want vid of this song.

I have this story in my head that fits it, but I have no vid making ability whatsoever.

In my head, this is Dean POV. He's either just back from Hell and can't find Sam because Sam's totally gone off the deep end and demonizing the country side... or it's later. Either way Sam's gone darkside and Dean's chasing him across the country, not sure what he'll do when he finds him... *sob*

I suppose could also be Sam in the same situation, but I keep thinking Dean.

Music Playlist at

Makes me goosebumpley...
Cut for rambling about writing and reading that really has no relevance at all... )
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I wanted to do something seasonal for my friends, and I'm terrible at cards and whatnot, so I thought I'd try, emphasis on try, to post a song a day, something that evokes a sentiment, not so much something that's considered a Christmas song as much as just something that gets you in the right Heart space. What works for me might not work for you, but hey, why not?

I realize sometimes widgets and things get annoying and even screw up your f-pages. Let me know if you'd prefer to be filtered out. I'll happily do so. Also, just click pause to make it stop. I can't figure out how to make it only play you want to listen. Again, if this annoys me, kindly point me to another widget or ask to be filtered out. No hard feelings.

(music removed to save my recent entries page. Hope you enjoyed it).

For those who missed it, it was "All I Really Want for Christmas" by Steven Curtis Chapman.


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