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Title: Mail Call
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG
Words: ~700
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: No ownership or profit claimed or implied.
Summary: Jared likes to check the mail in his flip flops. Jensen worries. Schmoop and cuddle fic. Nothing more.

You never just go to the mailbox. )
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This just a cracky little pre-J2 fic I came up with following a conversation with a couple of my friends regarding a certain picture of Jared that surfaced recently. Pre-J2 that turns into tentative J2, first time. Body image issues. About 4800 words. Jared’s affected by the response to a certain picture of his from the set of his summer movie, and not in the way most people would think.

The car is just the first item on a list of 'things that have suddenly gone oh so wrong in the land of Jared Padalecki.' )
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Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre/Pairings: Jensen/Jared, RPS, established relationship
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: schmoop, m/m sexual contact
Summary A moment in time fic. They're all tired, but she cries. Babies do that. She's good for them. Really good.
Disclaimer: No disrespect or harm intended. No money being made.
A/N: For the birthday of the wonderful [ profile] rejeneration. So proud and blessed to call you friend, love. She posted this pic in her journal awhile back, and I told her it made me want to write baby fic. She encouraged me, as she always does, and this is what became of it. I'm not sure this is what you had in mind, and I forgot her name. *blush* But I hope it works. Happy, happy birthday!

Everyone's dog tired, blank to anything but the draw of smooth linen and down pillows )
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Title:'C'hange or "How the Guitar Hero Gets His Bitch"
Author:[ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre: SNRPS
Pairings: JA/JP
Rating:NC-17 to be safe
Words: 8700
Summary: Love's not all fun and games. It wends in broken melodies plucked on strings held down and stretched out by an ever-tightening whammy bar, all in the key of ‘C’. It’s the only key on the ring, profound as the scarlet letter in the way it pervades. And yet, it’s just a letter. The word never crosses their lips. NOT A DEATHFIC!
Thanks: To [ profile] ysbail for beta and [ profile] rejeneration for hand-holding. Also everyone on my filter. *smishes*
Disclaimer: It's fiction. Nothing more. No money's trading hands. I also alluded to a Scorpions song. I don't own "Wind of Change." And I used lyrics from "Cannonball" by Damien Rice. I only wish I could be so eloquent.
Dedication: For [ profile] kestrelsan who wanted "J2 or J3 kink, medium spicy." This is way more than just a little kink fic, I'm afraid, because I'm long-winded. But I think it meets the kink requirement in at least a few parts. I'm not sure it ever gets to medium spicy, though. I hope you like it anyway. The icons at the end are also for you, darlin', because you wanted some of those, too, but I'll admit they're nothing much.

 Listen to the wind... )

Posted here and in my LJ today, cross-posted everywhere tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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Title: In Character
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: JA/JP
Summary: Jensen has a hard time dealing with the filming of AHBL2. Jared fixes him.
Disclaimer: Not my characters. Fiction. No harm intended.

Herein be fic )
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Title: Props
Author : Must be me,though I have no idea why the hell I did it.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Warning: M/m sex, suicide, which means, yes, character death… I know, I can’t believe I did it either. Language.
Summary: The fastest way to get light in his head is with a bullet.
Disclaimer: I don't own Jensen, Jared, or Supernatural, and I hope to God they don't read this.
Author Note: This is dark people, and none of it is true, at least I really hope not. Mental illness isn’t about believing things that are true, it’s about not being able to see through what isn’t. Don’t flame me for what goes on in this dude’s head. Also, I’m a little ashamed of myself for writing this, so I haven’t really read through it. It’s most likely loaded with errors and tense slips. I’m just glad it’s out. Take it as you find it, I suppose.

Spin, Pull, Click... )


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