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Thanks to a helpful PM, it's come to my attention that "The Second Man" has been reposted on by someone named SoulstormX. As far as I can tell, she hasn't gone to any trouble at all to disguise it. It seems to be a complete Copy-Paste job. (she even claims to have a co-writer)

So, um, here's a link. I'm gonna drop her a review and a PM, but in my experience they usually only take these things down when a bunch of people call them out.

Even if you haven't read "The Second Man," and have to take my word on it that it's mine and Ammie's fic, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would drop over there and waggle your finger fiercely.

Thanks so much.

I'm also severely embarrassed that it's been posted for awhile and only has one kinda iffy review on it. Was it that bad? *facepalm*

ETA: Please check out the rest of this author's listings to see if there's anything you recognize. I don't read anything anymore, so I don't know what might be stolen. However, there are two more RPF fics on there that look like the might possibly have been scavenged from the kink meme, judging by their content.

ETA2: I should take my own advice and read the other fics, because [ profile] thestraychild has pointed out to me that one of the other fics on this author's list is also mine, and at least one of the other fics has been identified. If you can give your writer friends the heads up so they can check for their stuff. This author did go to the trouble of changing the titles, so you might have to actually read some of the fic to recognize it.
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A couple days ago [ profile] gatorgrrrl made a post about the new Facebook group, "Jensen and Jared Deserve Respect," which is basically a group for people who are against slash of all types.

I'm not going to link that asshattery. I'm sure you can find it if you really want to. When I heard about it, I think my comment was that there was bound to be groups like that out there, but I'd probably unfriend anyone on my list who joined it.

Well, yesterday one of my friends did become of a fan.

I haven't defriended her. Believe me, I want to. But the thing is, I think she's a genuinely good person. She knows I write slash AND wincest, and she's always been nice to me, to my virtual face, ya know? And I guess it would be awfully hypocritical of me to tout free love, tolerance, and acceptance if I'm not going to practice it as well. I guess it's definitely a WWJD scenario.

I don't always DWJD, but in this case, I will.

Which brings me to my major point of contention-- the whole idea behind Facebook groups. From what I see, these groups do nothing and consist of basically an opinion that people get behind or don't get behind. My problem is, it's so easy to just click on something and tell the whole world that you hold a certain opinion or take a certain stance, but you don't usually have to own up to it afterward. Half my friends joined the "I don't care about your farm, your fish, blah, blah, blah, group" and the other half were hurt that no one cares about them when online games are a huge part of their lives, for whatever reason.(A few have medical problems and don't get out of the house much.) Like I said in my Facebook, it's one thing to hide all those apps from your home page, it's quite another to broadcast to everyone that you don't care about what they're doing. And because the groups don't ever actually do anything except wave a banner for a day or two while it makes the Facebook rounds, people think it doesn't matter which ones they join. But why, if you wouldn't say something directly to someone's face, would you join a group that basically plasters the sentiment all over their Facebook pages?

I blocked Farmville on Facebook. My mother has COPD and lives on disability. Farmville is her job. My cousin Casey has CF and spends more time on the computer than a kid his age who can do more physical activity. His mom lets him have a Facebook and play Farmville but makes it so only his friends can see him. If all of his friends were to join the Facebook Group, "I don't care about your Farm, your Fish, blah, blah, blah," how would that make him feel?

People are allowed to have opinions. People should have opinions. But Facebook groups just seem like a way for cowards to seek company in numbers and say things they know will hurt someone without being accountable. Anyone can point, click, and run off at the virtual mouth. How about just telling me what you think to my face? After all, it is Facebook right? Not, talk-about-you-behind-your-back-on-your-own-homepage-book.
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An experiment in how many ways I can insert my foot into my mouth in ten minutes or less. It's Friday night, so hopefully not many people will be around to laugh and point fingers. LOL.

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