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First, I need to thank [livejournal.com profile] gatorgrrrl for the box of chocolates and [livejournal.com profile] layne67 for the cute and cuddly gopher. I'm always a little bit mystified at the amount of cuteness that manages to end up on my profile page despite the fact that I hardly post anymore. *hugs*

And I wish I had a Con report to post, but I haven't written it yet for the same reason that I haven't replied to comments on the picture post. I seem to have picked up a flu bug on the way back from California and have been flat out on my couch for the last 48 hours. I have to work tonight, so I'm hobbling around this morning just to see if I actually can, but nothing involving thinking or creativity has transpired inside my brain since Tuesday. Sorry for that. I do have a report started.

I would like to share one little teaser, though.

As you might know, the Friday night concert at the con was, once again, the Brian Buckley Band, which has gotten mixed reviews. I'm not going to make any judgment on them since I haven't heard them, but I do get the feeling people only went to that in order to see Jared and Genevieve. I guess that's as good a reason as any.

A few of us used the opportunity to get away from the hotel and venture out into Hollywood. Louden Swain was playing at the Viper Room. For those of you who don't know, (which is probably only me until last week, LOL) Louden Swain is Rob Benedict (aka the Prophet Chuck) and his band. They posted on their website that they'd be playing the Viper Room on Friday, so a few of us made the trip. I had never heard Louden Swain and wasn't sure I'd like them, but hey, it was a chance to see the Viper Room. As it turns out, the Viper Room is just a really small room painted black with a mirrorball, a stage, and a bar. All the tables had 'reserved' signs on them, and man did my feet hurt from standing the whole time, but the music was awesome. Afterward, we hung around outside on the street while the band packed up (we were parked right behind them) and waited for the meter to expire, because, you know, gotta get your money's worth out of those parking meters, LOL. Mostly it was just the people we rode with and a few other ladies from the convention kinda talking with band and with Rob, and my friend and I kinda hung on the outskirts, since we don't really do the fangirling thing, but just as we were about to get into the car, Rob came over and gave us both a big hug and thanked us profusely for coming all the way out there to see him. At which point, of course, I told him it was worth it and that I really enjoyed it. I was a little surprised he did that, since I wasn't even sure he knew we were there to see him, but I guess he saw us getting into the car with our friends and put two and two together that we came from the convention.

Anyway, I couldn't buy any of their CDs or t-shirts or anything, because I had absolutely no room in my bag for one more thing. However, when I got home, I hunted down their website and found out you can get all the CDs, a t-shirt, and an autographed picture for 50 dollars. I'd say it's totally worth it, and their most recent CD is streaming on the website if you want to sample before you buy.

Here's the link: http://www.loudenswain.com/

If nothing else, the lyrics should make you smile.

And this has been my public service announcement. That and, get your flu shots, childrens.
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So, awhile back I said to Tracer, "We should run a race together." I suggested San Francisco, as it's only a half marathon, but it's a bad time of year for her, since she's finishing her studies and entering the job field in the spring. So, I scoured around for races toward the end of the year, that hopefully we could get into through a charity group, because a lot of races fill up fast, and there's no other way to run in them without qualifying except through a charity. Plus, I need the motivation of helping out a charity to keep me lacing up my sneakers. I stumbled across the site for Chicago Bank of America Marathon in October. I said, haha, it's in October. They moved Chicago Con to October this year, instead of November. What would that say if both fell on the same weekend?

And you know what? They do. It seems like, poetic, ya know, full circle. I met Tracer on a Supernatural forum way back in season one. She PM'ed me to tell me that I made her spit Dr. Pepper on her keyboard, and now I owed her a new one, and it was the song that never ends, because we've never NOT been in contact with each other since then. I wouldn't hesitate to call her my best friend even though we've never, EVER met in person. So, of course, the chance to run in a race together, to finally come together in order to do something that monumental and spiritual, AND celebrate the thing that brought us together and has been a spiritual journey in and of itself just seemed too much of an omen to pass up.

Herein lies the rantiness )
When it comes down to it, I'll probably suck it up and buy the tickets, because it IS about the experience and sharing something with my best friend that's spiritual and monumental in both our lives. And the important point of the weekend is raising the money for charity and running the race. It's about the training and bonding. The convention is just a nice bonus. But it's awfully ugly mark to put on an otherwise awesome memory.

That being said, I'm half finished with the next chapter of Digging Deep. I might find fandom an unfair and often unfun place to hang out, but that doesn't mean I'll stop contributing. I love the boys, the show, and my flist too much. *smooshes*
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So, I finally got around to messing with my pics from Chicago. They're pretty much crap. I was just gonna make some icons and post those, but it is taking so much work just to get the photos recognizable, that I decided just to make some icon bases. Y'all can feel free to snag, add textures, backgrounds, text, whatever. I didn't get many good ones of Jensen. The ones I've seen posted captured him so much better, but I did get a few unique facials, so hopefully there's something here you haven't seen before. Sorry if you don't like my crops, but the pictures are just not worth posting in their entirety.



More back here, plus three larger bases )
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Okay, so as far as the panels, I can't say much that hasn't, by now, already been posted on Youtube, so I'll comment on the stuff that really stuck out to me, or that I really enoyed.

Panel discussions from Chicago Con )
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Well, it's Sunday night, not even 10:00, and Heather and I are in our pajamas, ready for bed, which sadly, is pretty much the story of our whole weekend. We are officially old.

cut for lengthy recap of what us old broads did at Chicago Con 2008, the personal stuff. Panel discussion in the next post. )


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