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Title: Hollow Men
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: Gen
Words: 1800ish
Warning: Spoilers for 5.22. Language.
Summary: Hell's not what Sam expected it would be. But at least Dean's doing a bang up job of keeping Sam's dying wish. Sort of epi coda to 5.22, though I'm not delusional enough to believe it will go like this.
Disclaimer: No ownership implied. No money being made.

Hollow Men )
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Title: Living Out Loud (1/5) COMPLETE
Author:[ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: None, Gen fic with Dean, Sam, and several OC's.
Words: 45,800 in five linked parts
Warnings: Language, Reposted
Disclaimers: No profit or defamation made or implied.
Summary: AU set post-Season 1, but written during Season 1 so anything that happened after Shadow is not only speculation but highly inaccurate. The Winchester boys have defeated the demon and lost their father but come out the other side with a successful family business that allows them to get paid for hunting and a bright future. Dean's past might change all that when he falls seriously ill, and Sam finds out, it's not the first time. Then it's a race against time for a cure only a dead man knows.
A/N: Firstly, yes, this is a repost. I originally took it down, because, despite the fact that people really liked it, I feel like I've changed as a writer since then, and every time I read it, I see things wrong with it that make my skin crawl. (Bad segues, gaping plot holes, use of italics out the wazoo, use of italics for inner voice, POV switching, completely fabricated medical and mythological details, and UGH.) But people have been requesting it, and I keep filing all your little messages away so that I can reply to all of you at once, and then do something stupid like clean out my inbox. I'll still gladly give a file of this story to anyone who wants it, or you can purchase it in Zine for from Agents with Style, but I feel really awkward asking people for their email addresses. I'd be much more comfortable having it online so you can read at leisure and not have to disclose your personal information to me. I'm kind of a private person in that regard.I haven't fixed this at all from it's original version, despite the fact that I still can't read it without cringing, so hopefully it is as you originally found it, except now it's on LJ. I have no problem with people saving it to their hard drives, etc, or sharing it with friends, just do not repost it in any form without my permission. K?

Living Out Loud, Part One )
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As promised, the fandom's cheesiest Christmas fic. It's two years old, I guess, and it reads like it was written back in the day, but I figure it's like that ugly Christmas ornament you made for you mom in the first grade and she still puts on the tree.

To be honest, I thought I was okay with Christmas sucking this year, but I'm really not. So, here have Christmas fic. It's the jolliest thing I have. Ho, Ho, Ho!!

ETA: Sorry for momentary lack of cuttage.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Dean, Sam, and a kitten, very PG, even has... wait for it... the bane of my existence... but completely necessary in this instance... LimpSam... cringes... Merry Christmas flist, leave the rotten fruit at the door. )

ETA2: Some Ghostfacers yumminess.

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Title: Interrupted 1/1
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre: Humor/angst
Characters/Pairings:Dean and Sam, Gen
Rating:PG-13 for LANGUAGE
Summary:Life with Dean is never dull, and neither is death.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. 'ts all lies.
A/N: I'm trying to keep my muse occupied for a couple days before I start "Fireflies." Saw this prompt, then logged onto AOL and saw a news story, and voila, instant ficlet. It's prompt #19 at [ profile] found_fic_spn. Also part of my Pain Without Plot series, which is a rather futile attempt for me to write just anything in an effort not to take writing seriously. Read as: It's total crap, lol. I can only write so much schmoopy angst before my muse says, "Hey, bitch, these boys almost die everday. I'm sure it's rather a non-event at this point."
Thanks:To [ profile] mlebayre for awesomesuperfast beta.
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There’s no logical reason why a dude who’s spent his life with a gun at his hip and a knife at his wrist should just drop over dead in the middle of a grassy field. )
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Title:Generic, Last First Times 'verse
Authors:[ profile] tru_faith_lost and [ profile] 3rd_leg
Genre: Gen fic, no pairings, mentions of Dean/OFCs, but what episode doesn't?
Rating: PG-13 for language
Previous Chapters: My Site
Warnings: As usual for language.
Summary: Instead of connecting with each other, the only family they have left, Dean’s chasing tail, and Sam’s tucking his. Hi-diddly-ho neighbor, that just takes all the cake.
Ackowledgment: This fic was inspired by the comment left by dean’sdreamingangel. We discussed it, posted a poll on LJ, and decided it’s entirely possible for this to be true. At any rate, it made us think, so this one’s for you, darlin’.
Disclaimer: If they were ours, they’d growl a lot more.

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Title: Opening Up
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost aka H.T. Marie
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and drunkenness
Characters/Pairings: Mostly Drunk!Sam and Drunk!Bobby, though the Demon, Dean, and Daddy Winchester put in cameo appearances. Sorry fellow Deanophiles, the boy needed a nap.
Words: 4100
Summary: Dean crashes after AHBL2, and Bobby and Sam have a drunken conversation about a missing scene from that epi. Sam's feeling a little guilty about something he did...
Warnings: Just language and abuse of Tequila. Spoilers for AHBL2 if you haven't seen it.
Disclaimer: No money being made, though I ain't saying I'd turn it down...
A/N: This started out as a serious missing scene with a theory/speculation in it. However, my Sam voice was so cynical for some reason, I figured the only way he'd ever sound like that is if he was wasted. So, the whole story morphed into this "Tall Tales"-version-slash-coda to AHBL2 with a hint The Princess Bride thrown in for good measure. I used regular English instead of drunkspeak, just because some people have trouble reading the drunkspeak, but you can insert slurring as you please.

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Title: Sons of Eden
Authors: tru_faith_lost and 3rd_leg aka H.T. Marie and Tracer2032
Characters/Pairings:Dean, Sam, Bobby, CRD, no pairings
Rating:PG-13 for language
Warnings: Language, spoilers for all of season 2 if you haven’t seen it. ~5500Summary: Dean Winchester usually oscillates between “thrown up against a wall,” and “traumatic electrocution,” but he’s been stuck somewhere around “kidnapped and tortured by inbred hillbillies.” Post AHBL2.
Disclaimer: They own us, not the other way around, so we’re doomed to be poor forever. And the entire first paragraph is one long run-on sentence through no fault of any grammar teacher either of us has ever had. This story is the first in what we hope to make a series about all the things they do for the first time in the next year.  It’s a series of oneshots, which means each part is complete, so it’s not a WIP in for those who have a phobia of such. It’s set in Season 3 of Supernatural, though it’s not our intent to speculate on the mytharc of the show, just to write a bunch of those scenes that you watch over and over again on your VCR.It’s entirely subtext and subplot.That’s not to say we won’t be inspired to speculate once the season is underway.
A/N2:We tend to use songs in our fics.  This one contains Dirty Little Secret by Sarah McLachlan, The Line, by Sarah McLachlan, and Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.
Choice is a human condition )
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Title:  Got Faith?
Author: [profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating:  G
Warnings:  none really, pretty mild
Word Count: about 1600
Disclaimer:   Yeah, I own 'em but not in any 'verse where I'm getting paid for this stuff, so suing me would be pointless.  I also quoted a song by Michael Card. I don't own that either.
Summary:  A question of faith?  Sam has never seen God, but he's seen Dean...
A/N:  Anyone waiting for me to update my other stories, I do have those updates, but I'm learning HTML, and I'm kinda crazy in that I'm trying to write an entire post in nothing but HTML code just to prove I can do it.  LOL.  Might take awhile....

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Title: I Spy a Chick Flick
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester
Summary: Faith missing scene. Major spoilers for Faith.
Disclaimer: I don't own the cow. I'm just giving the milk away for free. Feed the world. LOL. I don't own the movie Untamed Heart either.


I Spy... )


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