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Some several months ago (I can't believe how infrequent my journal posting has become :( ) I made this post about... dun-d-da-DUN... menstrual cups. OMG. It was a funny story that I gakked from [ profile] menstrual_cups, and you should all really go back and read it now for a good belly laugh.

*waits for you to read it*

Done now?

Good. I have to admit feeling a small amount of guilt for having posted that. And why should I? It's a public post, right? True. It's a public post, but while it was entirely appropriate for the community in which it was posted, it was probably unfair to post it outside of a sympathetic environment where that might be someone's first exposure to the product. The comments in my post drive home the possibility that I might very well have turned some of you off the idea entirely, and that was the last thing I wanted to do. But, not having tried it myself, I couldn't really argue one way or the other.

So, I finally took the plunge, and now I do have something to say about it. It gets long, rambly, extremely personal, and entirely TMI, and will therefore be behind a cut. This cut right here. )
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This where I officially give up on keeping up with everyone's birthdays. I fail so hard. I get the little notifications, make a mental note, and then a week later... well, you get the picture. And I feel bad wishing X,Y, and Z a happy birthday when I know I totally snubbed A, B, and C. I'm officially saying, I love you all, and you're all welcome to request something. Don't be afraid to say, "You forgot my birthday, bitch, now pay up!" Cuz I totally would. If it makes you feel better, I once forgot my hubby's birthday. Even scarier, this year I said to him, "Wow, next year you'll be the big _0(insert scary big number)." And he said, "I'm _0 today."

So, it ain't just y'all. Last year, I also thought I was a year older than I actually am. *is ded* And just why are so many of you born in February? LOL.

Now, on to the meme. I got prompted by [ profile] lovelylora

Random association meme.
Ask me to associate you with five things. When I do this, post this meme and an explanation of your interest in those five things in your journal.

My list was:

1. Jensen
2. Fanfic
3. Farm
4. Wincest
5. Manny Skerrit
Cut for a lot of rambling tl;dr )

So, man, I talk a lot when I get going. I should probably post a little every day instead of saving stuff up until I break my LJ, but oh wells. I'm going to bed now, so I won't get right back to you, but if you wanna play, please do. *smooshes*


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