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Title: No Halo, A Story of Grace
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean for the most part, it's complicated.
Summary: He pulls Dean's head back by the hair. "Are you listening? I told you to save us. Isn’t that what you do?" Flinging him backward he sends Dean sprawling on the floor.
Warnings: Post 3.16, so contains spoilers. Dub-con, but not between the main pairing. Death of minor characters in more ways than one. This fic is dark. Everyone in the story except Ellen and Bobby are evil for at least part of the story, but it's a story of redemption, so, yeah...
Words Greater than 8000
Disclaimer: No money. No harm. No defamation. Just creative liberty.
A/N: I honestly wouldn't want any of this to happen on the show. There's no way it could, but you can't tell a story of redemption and keep them safe. Don't be afraid to tell me it offends you. I have a feeling parts of it definitely will. You can't be redeemed from puppies and kittens. But if you read to the end, I promise there's a payoff.

I can't fly, at least not yet. I got no halo on my head, and I can't even start to picture Heaven's beauty... )

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Title: Sugar and Spice
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre/Pairings: Jensen/Jared, RPS, established relationship
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: schmoop, m/m sexual contact
Summary A moment in time fic. They're all tired, but she cries. Babies do that. She's good for them. Really good.
Disclaimer: No disrespect or harm intended. No money being made.
A/N: For the birthday of the wonderful [ profile] rejeneration. So proud and blessed to call you friend, love. She posted this pic in her journal awhile back, and I told her it made me want to write baby fic. She encouraged me, as she always does, and this is what became of it. I'm not sure this is what you had in mind, and I forgot her name. *blush* But I hope it works. Happy, happy birthday!

Everyone's dog tired, blank to anything but the draw of smooth linen and down pillows )
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Title: Pieces of You (Come Apart for Me)
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating/Genre: NC-17, slash, wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam needs Dean to understand he's not just a type, and he's got a whole bag of tricks to make his point.
Words: 6300
Spoiler: Season three up through 3.2
Warning: Graphic m/m sex. It gets kinky. There's nose!kink, rimming, some bondage, a little D/s, foreign objects. I don't usually write this stuff and didn't research any of it. It's probably not safe or sanitary. Just go with it or don't read.
Disclaimer: All made up. No harm intended, no disrespect, and no money for my troubles.

Pieces of You )
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Title: Dean Reads
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Characters/Genre: SPN Gen, no pairings, Sam, Dean
Rating: PG
Warning: Few strong words, AU for implied learning disability, set after end of Season Two, but no spoilers for Season 3.
Disclaimer: If I owned 'em, the CW would have some serious 'splainin' to do.
Summary: Sam taught Dean to read, three words at a time, with focus and conviction.  From Hell, Dean teaches Sam to listen the same way.

Dean Reads )
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Title: Light
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG
Pairing: AntiChrist!Sam/Dean
Summary: Too short for a summary really, just a random ficlet about what Sam would do if he had all the power in the world.
Disclaimer: Yeah, no buckazoids, Roger Wilco. I be lowly space janitor. You're welcome to my mops.
A/N: Whattaya know? I got nothing to say except Boo! Hiss! to everyone on my f-list who didn't warn me about the end of Brokeback Mountain. I don't do unhappy endings...Not. Ever. So read in good faith, kind reader.

Let There Be... )
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Title:'C'hange or "How the Guitar Hero Gets His Bitch"
Author:[ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre: SNRPS
Pairings: JA/JP
Rating:NC-17 to be safe
Words: 8700
Summary: Love's not all fun and games. It wends in broken melodies plucked on strings held down and stretched out by an ever-tightening whammy bar, all in the key of ‘C’. It’s the only key on the ring, profound as the scarlet letter in the way it pervades. And yet, it’s just a letter. The word never crosses their lips. NOT A DEATHFIC!
Thanks: To [ profile] ysbail for beta and [ profile] rejeneration for hand-holding. Also everyone on my filter. *smishes*
Disclaimer: It's fiction. Nothing more. No money's trading hands. I also alluded to a Scorpions song. I don't own "Wind of Change." And I used lyrics from "Cannonball" by Damien Rice. I only wish I could be so eloquent.
Dedication: For [ profile] kestrelsan who wanted "J2 or J3 kink, medium spicy." This is way more than just a little kink fic, I'm afraid, because I'm long-winded. But I think it meets the kink requirement in at least a few parts. I'm not sure it ever gets to medium spicy, though. I hope you like it anyway. The icons at the end are also for you, darlin', because you wanted some of those, too, but I'll admit they're nothing much.

 Listen to the wind... )

Posted here and in my LJ today, cross-posted everywhere tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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Title: The Safe Bet
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: NC-17 for language, m/m sex, incest
Pairings: Dean/Sam, mentions of Sam/Jess
Summary: He asks, surprised how much he wants to see, not prepared for the depth, for how far down he needs....Who knew together would be the thing that broke him?
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] feather_touch for beta and to [ profile] rejeneration for doing "nothing really"...Her smishably humble words, not mine. *smishes her so hard*
Disclaimer: Yeah, I'm not getting paid, and someone else paired them up long before I did. And the title is from the song "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot," by Brand New. If it's the s3 theme song, I dunno what is.
A/N: Started in response to a prompt I read in [ profile] wendy's journal that was something on the order of, "Dean wants to teach Sam everything in the next year, including how to top in bed." I know, who could resist. However, [ profile] 3rd_leg said to me, "Why would Sam want to learn that? Won't he just go back to girls?" To which I said, "Bitch!" K, so this ain't really that story anymore. You can blame it on her. *glares*

The first time, it's a week before Sam leaves for Stanford, and it's supposed to be his birthday present. )

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Title: Roots
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Characters/Pairings: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating: R for non-graphic m/m sex, maybe a bad word or two
Warnings: m/m sex, non-graphic, schmoop and fluff so graphic you'll puke
Summary: Jared doesn't get what it is between them. Getting to the root of the matter is better than walking away. Schmoopy, fluffy, sugar-sweet in places, and downright angsty in others. I needed some happy.
Disclaimer: I'd cut off all my hair without blinking to make them mine, but yesterday it took me an hour to comb it, so obviously that hasn't happened yet. I'm not making any money off their happiness, but I'd pay to watch.
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] soydolcelatte (God, I hope I spelled that right) for proving that, not only does the the f-list know all, but it's scary fast, too. And giant smishes-o-doom for [ profile] ysbail for super fast beta. Always thanks to my bud at [ profile] 3rd_leg for the music to write by.

It's all about the hair... )
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Title: Interrupted 1/1
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Genre: Humor/angst
Characters/Pairings:Dean and Sam, Gen
Rating:PG-13 for LANGUAGE
Summary:Life with Dean is never dull, and neither is death.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. 'ts all lies.
A/N: I'm trying to keep my muse occupied for a couple days before I start "Fireflies." Saw this prompt, then logged onto AOL and saw a news story, and voila, instant ficlet. It's prompt #19 at [ profile] found_fic_spn. Also part of my Pain Without Plot series, which is a rather futile attempt for me to write just anything in an effort not to take writing seriously. Read as: It's total crap, lol. I can only write so much schmoopy angst before my muse says, "Hey, bitch, these boys almost die everday. I'm sure it's rather a non-event at this point."
Thanks:To [ profile] mlebayre for awesomesuperfast beta.
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There’s no logical reason why a dude who’s spent his life with a gun at his hip and a knife at his wrist should just drop over dead in the middle of a grassy field. )
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Title:Generic, Last First Times 'verse
Authors:[ profile] tru_faith_lost and [ profile] 3rd_leg
Genre: Gen fic, no pairings, mentions of Dean/OFCs, but what episode doesn't?
Rating: PG-13 for language
Previous Chapters: My Site
Warnings: As usual for language.
Summary: Instead of connecting with each other, the only family they have left, Dean’s chasing tail, and Sam’s tucking his. Hi-diddly-ho neighbor, that just takes all the cake.
Ackowledgment: This fic was inspired by the comment left by dean’sdreamingangel. We discussed it, posted a poll on LJ, and decided it’s entirely possible for this to be true. At any rate, it made us think, so this one’s for you, darlin’.
Disclaimer: If they were ours, they’d growl a lot more.

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Title: Derelict
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Pairing:JA/JP, mentions Jared/Sandy
Words: 8200
Warnings: Language, m/m sex, lying, cheating, angst, schmoop, H/C, cheese, and soap opera emo.
Summary: Jared buys a ring and realizes too late he gave it to the wrong person.
A/N: Not my usual stuff. I'm quite aware I take my writing too seriously, so I wanted to write something cheesy and fun. I took prompts in my journal for Hurt!Jensen, and Hurt!Dean. This is for [ profile] sparklingrocks who wanted J2, injury that seems less serious than it is and a struggle to get medical attention. These stories were supposed to be cute little oneshots with no plot. This one had other ideas. I fail.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] ysbail for agreeing with me enough that I added three thousand words after I sent it to her, so all the crap is mine, all the cool stuff is hers. I'm sorry it's still not everything you wanted, darlin'. It would have been a chapter fic if I'd done it all. I hope it's all right the way it is.
Disclaimer: This is mine, they are not, but I'd gladly trade. No jellyfish were harmed in the making of this fic. Also, I got all my knowledge on jet skis from watching Baywatch and all my knowledge of jellyfish from Animal Planet. You didn't really expect me to do research did you?

derelict banner by  me

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Title: Opening Up
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost aka H.T. Marie
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and drunkenness
Characters/Pairings: Mostly Drunk!Sam and Drunk!Bobby, though the Demon, Dean, and Daddy Winchester put in cameo appearances. Sorry fellow Deanophiles, the boy needed a nap.
Words: 4100
Summary: Dean crashes after AHBL2, and Bobby and Sam have a drunken conversation about a missing scene from that epi. Sam's feeling a little guilty about something he did...
Warnings: Just language and abuse of Tequila. Spoilers for AHBL2 if you haven't seen it.
Disclaimer: No money being made, though I ain't saying I'd turn it down...
A/N: This started out as a serious missing scene with a theory/speculation in it. However, my Sam voice was so cynical for some reason, I figured the only way he'd ever sound like that is if he was wasted. So, the whole story morphed into this "Tall Tales"-version-slash-coda to AHBL2 with a hint The Princess Bride thrown in for good measure. I used regular English instead of drunkspeak, just because some people have trouble reading the drunkspeak, but you can insert slurring as you please.

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Title: In Character
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: JA/JP
Summary: Jensen has a hard time dealing with the filming of AHBL2. Jared fixes him.
Disclaimer: Not my characters. Fiction. No harm intended.

Herein be fic )
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Title: Sons of Eden
Authors: tru_faith_lost and 3rd_leg aka H.T. Marie and Tracer2032
Characters/Pairings:Dean, Sam, Bobby, CRD, no pairings
Rating:PG-13 for language
Warnings: Language, spoilers for all of season 2 if you haven’t seen it. ~5500Summary: Dean Winchester usually oscillates between “thrown up against a wall,” and “traumatic electrocution,” but he’s been stuck somewhere around “kidnapped and tortured by inbred hillbillies.” Post AHBL2.
Disclaimer: They own us, not the other way around, so we’re doomed to be poor forever. And the entire first paragraph is one long run-on sentence through no fault of any grammar teacher either of us has ever had. This story is the first in what we hope to make a series about all the things they do for the first time in the next year.  It’s a series of oneshots, which means each part is complete, so it’s not a WIP in for those who have a phobia of such. It’s set in Season 3 of Supernatural, though it’s not our intent to speculate on the mytharc of the show, just to write a bunch of those scenes that you watch over and over again on your VCR.It’s entirely subtext and subplot.That’s not to say we won’t be inspired to speculate once the season is underway.
A/N2:We tend to use songs in our fics.  This one contains Dirty Little Secret by Sarah McLachlan, The Line, by Sarah McLachlan, and Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.
Choice is a human condition )
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Author: tru_faith_lost
Characters/Pairings: Sam and Dean, no pairings
Rating: PG-13 because they have potty mouths
Warnings: Language
Summary: Head wounds require special attention. Total crack. Hair!fic.
Disclaimer: Oops, forgot the disclaimer. As much as I'd like that to mean I own them, it really just means I forgot. Don't own 'em, don't sue.
Dedication: For tigriswolf, who saw an offhand comment I made and enabled me to act on it, and to mlebayre whose post inspired the original comment and who betaed the part that was actually finished when I sent it.

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Title:  Got Faith?
Author: [profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating:  G
Warnings:  none really, pretty mild
Word Count: about 1600
Disclaimer:   Yeah, I own 'em but not in any 'verse where I'm getting paid for this stuff, so suing me would be pointless.  I also quoted a song by Michael Card. I don't own that either.
Summary:  A question of faith?  Sam has never seen God, but he's seen Dean...
A/N:  Anyone waiting for me to update my other stories, I do have those updates, but I'm learning HTML, and I'm kinda crazy in that I'm trying to write an entire post in nothing but HTML code just to prove I can do it.  LOL.  Might take awhile....

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Title: I Spy a Chick Flick
Author: [ profile] tru_faith_lost
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester
Summary: Faith missing scene. Major spoilers for Faith.
Disclaimer: I don't own the cow. I'm just giving the milk away for free. Feed the world. LOL. I don't own the movie Untamed Heart either.


I Spy... )


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