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Okay, so not stupid except that I'm the only one who's probably going to be entertained by it.

I can publish my website directly to Freewebs. Who knew? Not me. So, theoretically, I can add a page to my Freewebs to post bloggish stuff and still have the flash website right there. I find that awesome. Of course, who needs another blog? LOL.
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I'm experimenting with websites again. The freewebs thing just wasn't what I wanted. I know it seems stupid, since I have all of one story to put on it, but I want one just for my non fan works.

I discovered this free flash site, and I wonder if anyone would take a peek and tell me if it loads for them?

Erm, the site isn't nearly finished, just a home page and a teeny bio, one thing in the gallery, and a bunch of links that go nowhere. LOL. Also, I forgot a disclaimer, and I probably need to make that artwork less recognizeable. Bleh, but it's not on search engine's so hopefully no one's looking for it unless i link them.

I know I need to fix the Library link on the home page (but you can link to the gallery through the gallery buttons on any other page) and the font is a lot smaller than it looked in the editor. But I'm just wondering if the flash aspect works for y'all or if it's annoying. You can hover over the buttons and some of the images and see what the flash does.

On the other hand, maybe I'm the only one who can bring up the page. Let me know I might have done it all wrong. Go figure.

ETA: Gallery is NSFW. LOL!


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