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You thought I died or something, didn't ya? I know you did. I sometimes have to wonder myself.

Ah, well, that just means my life is pretty dull, and aside from being crushed under the weight of a hundred WIPs, I don't spend a lot of time doing anything that I imagine y'all'd be interested in. (Unless you care that I totally kicked Tony Horton's ass on the KenpoX DVD the other day. BWahahahahaah!)

Anyway, I just wanted y'all to know I haven't forgotten about the GayGen proposal.


Anyone who'd like to run with this idea is more than welcome. I think these are all awesome names for such a comm. I might even be inspired to write some Corbin/Sam fic for such a challenge, but I'm not the person to run it. Just the discussion is proving more than I have the time or desire to field. I'm more than happy out here on the fringes. /discussion.

*crawls back under rock*

[Poll #1435305]

Oh,and the mod of [ profile] queerlygen replied to my PM and has no problem with y'all doing a Supernatural specific community, in case anyone was wondering.
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First, and totally off topic, please stop posting those freaking kruezer tweets, people. The dude is leeching fandom hits. He doesn't know anything. :P

Okay, so I promised y'all I'd think more about a possible GayGen Challenge community. And wow, a lot of things to consider. I PMed the mod over at [ profile] queerlygen to make sure it would not be a problem to start a Supernatural only community. Haven't received a reply yet, so I'll let you know.

I was reading some of that comms specifications about what could be in a Gen story. They would allow sex. The vibe I'm getting from the comments here is that explicit sex is the one thing we don't consider Gen. But I could be misinterpreting. I think to do this right, we need to get a working definition of Gen. So, there are options for what could and could not be considered Gen in the poll. Also, it's early, and my brain is not yet firing on all cylinders, so feel free to add more suggestions in the comments.

Some of you said you'd like to help out in this endeavor if I decided to do it. Still haven't decided if I will, but there's a question about how you'd like to be involved. Also, a friend suggested a sort of rotating modship, like taking turns hosting challenges and whatnot, keeping the challenge length short enough so as not to be overwhelming. I like the idea, so if you say you want to join as a mod, would you be interested in taking turns running the comm?

My feeling is that stories posted could have any number of pairings so long as at least one is same sex or transgendered. But that's my feeling. I want to know what you think. So answer away, and feel free to link, I guess.

[Poll #1427283]
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Yesterday I posted about some misgivings I have about what's accepted as Gen and what that says about the acceptance of gay couples, in general (ha! pun! Go me!)

And this morning I read this post in which someone said basically what I was thinking only SO MUCH BETTER.

As I started reading the comments, I got to thinking, "Yeah, why are so many slash fics about the sex? Why aren't there more Gen fics with gay pairings?" And then, someone actually said, "There should be a Gay Gen challenge in which there are gay pairings who do not have sex every three pages." Okay, so that's paraphrased. I'm lazy about hunting down quotes.

So, I was wondering...

If there was a Gay Gen challenge, would anyone be interested in participating?

The point is, that a lot of the anti-slash/homophobic vibe coming out of the Gen community is due in part to the fact that there's so much SEX in slash fic, and a lot of people don't want to read that between any pairing, het or gay.

So, if there's a perception that's hurting your community, then you should do something to change that perception... Am I right about this or just talking out of my ear again?

Basically, this is the idea. A Gay Gen challenge in which the story is plot driven or character driven, any length, with a gay lead pairing, and no sex beyond maybe the occassional kiss or suggestive comment (because all couples get frisky now and again, right?)

As was suggested in the comments thread of that other post, maybe it's just the couple goes grocery shopping. Or maybe it's epic. The point is, show gay people functioning as people in society with other motivations than getting each other into bed.

I think we could do it in this fandom. Admittedly, it would be hard with a Dean/Sam main pairing, because incest is a whole other issue, but if it was an AU in which they were not related or did not know they were related, that would be find. And there's Dean/Cas, and a ton of other possible pairings, including OC's. And there's the RPF.

I think it would be both challenging and would help both gen ficcers and slashers approach things from a little different perspective.

I think the comment thread of that other post mentioned someone planning to start such a community, but they aren't in Supernatural fandom, and I have no idea whether it will be multi-fandom or not, so I don't think it'd be stepping on anyone's toes to suggest one for the Supernatural community.

What do y'all think? Would you read a GayGen story? I'm not sure I could the whole running a challenge thing, but if I did, would someone want to help out?

Am I just stupid for even considering that this fandom could do something like that?

Bueller? Bueller?


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