Mar. 13th, 2010

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I'm not. Dead that is. Doesn't mean I don't wish I was. Okay, so, no, I don't wish, but a decent block of uninterrupted by coughinghackinggaggingretching would be appreciated.

Turns out that 'cold' I had tickling in my throat last weekend was some kind of flu that I have now hopefully inflicted on everyone at work. My voice has two ranges, sexass gravelly, bluesy, been smoking for a hundred years and proud of it, and... Tinkerbell. And it randomly jumps from one to the other. I haven't been able to run since Wednesday, and judging by the escalation of my cough since my run(worst 8 miles of my life) on Wednesday, I shouldn't have done that then. But hell, it was 77 degrees and nice, and I'm anxious to acclimate myself to the heat and humidity since summer is quickly approaching. But yeah, huge mistake.

I might need a saline drip just from the amount of fluid I've lost from coughing until tears stream down my face. Which, I wouldn't mind so much, except it doesn't seem to accomplish a damned thing. Nothing is moving. I'm looking at this cold medicine bottle and wondering what is the point of having and expectorant AND a cough suppressant in the same medicine? Are they just trying to drown me? Is that how it works? And yeah, that 'cooling' element they put in it is totally just there to mask the buuuuurrrrrnnn. Oh man, as soon as that cooling wears off it's like I've been breathing fire.

But okay, enough of that. You get it. I'm sick. Blah,blah. Been there. Done that.

Regardless, not much is getting accomplished over here. I may or may not have signed up for something that I shouldn't have, which I'm not going to talk about on here, since that's usually counter productive, but I definitely need to boot Final Draft and work out the bugs or redownload Celtx which I haven't had on this new comp yet.

And while I have quite a few WIPs circulating of late, (and yes, they are still P'ing. LOL.) I think Nightblindness is beckoning to be finished. I posted that snippet the other day, and the next day I got a comment on the post on super_real, which makes think I'm on the right track. Besides, if I want to have a novel length story published by the end of the year, I need to finish the friggin' thing. I know most of you haven't/won't read it because of the pairings and subject matter, but honestly, it's my best work. So, yeah, writing on that at the moment.

And I'm thinking about that comment fic meme fundraising idea, which I've already set up comms for, since wouldn't it be kinda awkward if people I have banned in my journal were to find out by trying to do somehting charitable, LOL. The original idea was that anyone could post prompts and that Tracer and I would answer them, and if people like what we write, they can give something to the charity, whatever's in their hearts, ya know? But I was thinking that some people's charity IS their writing, so I wonder if maybe we shouldn't allow anyone to answer the prompts, still have the prompter contribute to the charity if they're moved to do so, and then give incentives to the contributing authors who 'raised' the most money. For instance, my Team LIVESTRONG contact has offered an incentive to the Chicago Team of a Team LIVESTRONG bag which cannot be purchased anywhere to any team member who raises a thousand dollars before June 1. I was thinking we could turn around and offer the bag to the highest contributing author if we make that goal. And if we don't, anything from the LIVESTRONG store, which has awesome stuff. Possibly the bag for the biggest contributor and other LIVESTRONG merchandise to the second?? What do y'all think? Should we just keep it to me and Tracer answering prompts, or should we let anyone contribute in any way they can, which means, writing if writing is what they do? I still think this is preferable to say, an auction type fundraiser, because no one pays ahead of time, no one pays for something they don't like, and there's no deadline for authors to worry about. Just if they're reading along and see something that awakens the muse, they can write at will.

Ah, well, lying in bed leads to too much thinking, and it's Saturday, so no one's even around to read this post anyway. LOL. Just ignore me, a'ight?

*goes back to bed*


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