Mar. 29th, 2011

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Seven scenes into the plotting of my story, I realize, "Hey, if you make the genius scientist your lead, you're gonna have to do a lot of research to explain what the hell he's doing."

Scrap seven scenes (or, you know, throw in somewhere else later) and make the Steampunk Pirate the lead, since he basically makes up everything as he goes anyway. LOL. 'ts okay, though, I really like the pirate better, anyway.

In other news, really enjoyed KyleXY, even though the lead is a total Marty Stu. I guess I really am a bad ficcer, *shrugs*. But I wouldn't recommend it if you want a show with resolution. Still, it hit all my D.A.R.Y.L. and Dark Angel hot buttons pretty well.

I would also highly recommend a movie called Saint Ralph which I dug up on Netflix. A feel good movie of the highest order, just enough funny and tear jerker moments to make it the kind of movie I'll watch over and over again. Also, another from Starz on Netflix is Teenage Dirtbag. A lot darker, not the best made, kinda bleak and ugly overall, but brought me to tears. The angst whores amongst us will love that one, methinks.

Would not recommend The Celestine Prophesy. Read the book. I was disappointed. I really wanted to be moved by the film, but I couldn't even watch it. I spent most of the time it was on, flipping to other tabs and back again. But it did sorta push me to look for more positive energy and to put out more positive energy. I really just need to admit that SPN sucks my energy and stop reading the discussions, because they make me think and feel things that I hate about myself. :/

Back to steampunk pirates. Also, LOL, was combing Etsy for Steampunk garb to put on my characters and realized why my story kept feeling like Final Fantasy X. Because Final Fantasy X is totally Steampunk. I just never knew the terminology. This would probably explain why I keep turning my hero into Yuna. :/ It's okay, though, because my love interest is totally a Rikku. LOL. But my guys are... guys.

That is all.


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