Mar. 13th, 2011

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I have now watched over 4 seasons of Bones, and this is the first episode that made me cry.

Y'know what I think is so great about this show? It's a show about death as a means of affirming life. I think that's why the music moves me so much. I guess this episode being about youth and lost potential and music just hit my breaking point.

Now, I would love to read J2 AU in which Jensen's an Amish boy who left his faith to play piano. :/ I wouldn't write it myself, though. I always feel weird addressing other people's religions, like I won't do it fairly, but I did grow up in an area that was heavily populated by Amish, and this episode rang pretty true for me.

On a completely random note, whoever dresses Brennan needs to find her some tops that actually fit. I can't get past how many times she's been wearing a blouse that's pulled so tight across her chest that it looks like the button will come off. She's way too smart to dress herself like that. It just looks unkempt.

ETA: LOL, H-50 wasn't the first show to do the body in the Luau pit, I guess. Mmmm. And add Amy Gumenick to the list of SPN alum I've spied on Bones.


ht_murray: little girl, cheeks, blue rose (Default)

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