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I said my last post about SPN was going to be my last post about SPN, but I didn't know the show was going to come up in casual conversation with relatives. It did. And I wasn't the one who brought it up. In case anyone cares what I gleaned from chatting with casual viewers of the show, I'll put it behind a cut.

For those who are still interested in SPN and wonder about how non fandom people view it, I had a couple of interesting conversations while I was in Wisconsin. One was with a couple of my aunts. The one aunt was asking me about writing and publishing, mostly about epublishing versus traditional publishing, but she mentioned reading my fanfiction. I knew they read my gen stuff. Never tried to hide it. The one aunt mentioned something about my stories, "that you used to write for... what was that show?" And I said, "Supernatural?" And she said, "Yeah, Supernatural." To which another aunt at the table said, "Oh, that was a great show." Now, you have to understand that these are the same people who chastised me for reading Stephen King when I was in school. Now that they have grown children, they've obviously changed their tolerances a bit. We didn't really talk about the show, because that's a sore subject for me, but I got the distinct impression from them both that they didn't think it was on anymore, both referring to it in the past tense. I should've prodded them, since they'd have been prime candidates to poke about the angel storylines and biblical interpretation, but I steered the subject back to writing and publishing and let it go.

Then, I was talking with my sisters and brother about television. We were all saying we pretty much don't watch anything anymore, and what we do watch is on DVR. Neither of my sisters ever watched SPN. I know this, not because I brought it up, but because my brother mentioned it. His exact words were, "I used to watch Supernatural before it got stupid." LOL. I didn't ask him what he thought made it stupid or when it got stupid, because my bias would obviously have shown. My sisters and brother have not read my fanfiction and so would have no idea about my Dean girl tendencies. My one sister does not own a t.v. and the other has three kids so mostly watches kid friendly shows and reality t.v. They're huge fans of Swamp People and Operation Repo. LOL. Also, The Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. Both sisters get together weekly to watch Bones, however.

Erm, so there you have some completely arbitrary and unsolicited comments about Supernatural from nonfandom people. I always see the discussion online about how the actual viewership of the show is not reflected in fandom. I also sometimes get sucked into discussions about how, if you are an unhappy fan of the show, it doesn't matter, because TPTB are only interested in pleasing the general viewership and not fandom and that fandom types are too vested to see the big picture. But here you have five examples of general viewers; two never watched it, two didn't really have any complaints but don't even know it's still on the air, so it didn't do a good job of holding their interest, and one thinks it got stupid and quit watching. It's a very small sample set, but yeah... at least some of the general viewership is falling off. It's not just 'whiny fanbrats', like me. I'd actually be interested to see more data on general viewership, but just by conducting research you're inherently making them less than casual as you're making people think about it more than they probably would otherwise. Which totally reminds me why I believe that meta ruins the viewing experience rather than enhances it. And there you have my two unsolicited cents. Take it as you will.

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You know, it's funny you mention this. In just the last 2 weeks I have come across 3 people that watch or have watched SPN. One of them said exactly what your brother did. LOL! The other 2 are big Dean fan girls like me and I'm pretty the last one I just meet at my new office is actually very active in the fandom and LJ for that matter. *looks around nervously in paranoia* I get the sense she would be a very...erm...full on fan in fandom. :P I have avoided mentioning ANYTHING about LJ just in case! :P

I have to confess as much as I love Dean, it's all getting to hard to ignore all the crap for the little golden moments. I will probably watch the premier, but have no excitement about it AT ALL. :( I'm glad I have other shows that still give me the bursting anticipatory excitement each week. I'm just very sad that my favourite actor is so wasted for his amazing talent and I just wish it they would end it so he can move on and be in something else I can love and adore to bits! :P

As for the meta stuff, I can't agree with you more. It just doesn't sit right for me. I don't like my shows to make me feel uncomfortable or squirmy while I'm watching them and that is exactly what meta does for me. *shrugs* Each to his own I guess.

*squishes you tight*


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