Date: 2011-06-11 04:06 am (UTC)
You know, it's funny you mention this. In just the last 2 weeks I have come across 3 people that watch or have watched SPN. One of them said exactly what your brother did. LOL! The other 2 are big Dean fan girls like me and I'm pretty the last one I just meet at my new office is actually very active in the fandom and LJ for that matter. *looks around nervously in paranoia* I get the sense she would be a very...erm...full on fan in fandom. :P I have avoided mentioning ANYTHING about LJ just in case! :P

I have to confess as much as I love Dean, it's all getting to hard to ignore all the crap for the little golden moments. I will probably watch the premier, but have no excitement about it AT ALL. :( I'm glad I have other shows that still give me the bursting anticipatory excitement each week. I'm just very sad that my favourite actor is so wasted for his amazing talent and I just wish it they would end it so he can move on and be in something else I can love and adore to bits! :P

As for the meta stuff, I can't agree with you more. It just doesn't sit right for me. I don't like my shows to make me feel uncomfortable or squirmy while I'm watching them and that is exactly what meta does for me. *shrugs* Each to his own I guess.

*squishes you tight*
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