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My Last SPN post. Wherein I fix it and move on.

Like the title says.

I saw the finales, mostly because I slept late, so when I got up, hubby was watching, and I couldn't make him turn it off or drag him out of the house like I usually do. :S This is not a reaction. This is my instant fix-it. Obviously contains SPOILERS for the last two eps of SPN.

This is my insta-fix for the cliffie and Castiel. I have to put a warning here for those with suicide trigger issues. So, yeah, you're warned for suicide.

The eclipse wasn't over at the end of the ep, so, the door to purgatory is still theoretically open. If we assume that suicides actually go to Purgatory, then Dean has a direct line in. Y'know, providing he's still got a gun on him. Dean kills himself, his soul jumps into Castiel, and he raises Castiel from another version of Perdition. Full Circle, blah, blah. And of course, Castiel saves him right back. The end. I don't know what Sam's doing. I imagine he's holding a prayer vigil with the amulet he just happens to have had on him all along. The end again.

So, there you have it. Fixed.

That being said, this is my last SPN post. It's not because of anything that happened in the finale. I've only been watching vicariously for most of the season anyway. The finale is probably the only thing that could've sucked me back in, and it failed to do so. It's time to move on. I just can't handle the angst and claustrophobia. That's that. I have enough demons of my own to fend off without worrying about fictional characters, hating fictional characters, and ranting at fangirls who make me hate fictional characters. It's just not worth the giant sinking vibe it gives me.

Also, a reminder that my previous post about where you can find me will stay open through tomorrow. *squishes to all*

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Love your fix-it! Nice and clean and in the end, everyone lives!

And the idea that Sam is holding a prayer vigil with the amulet after being the chosen vessel of SATAN is so, so perfectly ironic. ;o)

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Heh. Yeah, I thought it seemed fitting. The things my mind comes up with when I'm mostly asleep. I think I know why hypnosis works for some people. LOL. And Sam with the amulet. LOL. Couldn't have him standing around being wallpaper, right? *squish*
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I believe I said this on twitter - 'end of an era' honey, end of an era. The show introduced us, though I didn't know it at the time... I mean, I've never been particularly au fait with but that's where I first discovered you, but I wasn't introduced to you until I sank into fandom at Lj - and boy, it's been an interesting place.

So tell me, my darling T, how will I get my next fix of your words? If you're going to be focussing on original fiction will I still get my M/M loving? (I know, I'm obsessed, but you do it so well). But I suppose I could get back on the het-train if I had to. I used to have a season ticket, don't you know! Lol

So no more SPN in your life... Okay... Just don't disappear from mine, you hear? When I finally fall off this ship the friends I've made will have made it all worthwhile. X

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I'm sure I will still be aware of SPN on the periphery. I can't seem to stop ogling a certain actor who happens to work on the show. It's just become more about the fandom for me than the show anymore,and the fandom's not been all that fun a place of late. Plus, I really hated the last year and a half of the show, too.

But you can't get rid of me. I'm not writing much these days, except in my head, but when I get on a roll, there's a ton of m/m just waiting to get out. So many ideas. So little ability to sit down and spit them out. Hopefully removing some of the negativity associated with having written for fandom for so long will alleviate some of the pressure and make it fun again.


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I love your brain -- great fix-it.

And, hon, I understand about moving on. I'm glad I met your through fandom, though. Good luck with everything you do in terms of writing from here on out. Do you plan on keeping this journal active?


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Thank you. *glomps* This journal will be going away. I'm not sure how soon. I'll probably start by making everything Private while I make sure that I have everything saved that I want. But I don't plan on keeping it around for when the new season spoilers start to come in.

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I like your fix it. Also, I want to hear more about your pirate steampunk story idea (I read about it in your last post awhile ago but I wasn't really around to comment).

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Ooh, thank your for asking about that. I need to talk about it, since it's been bouncing around and changing in my head for awhile now, and I'm not even sure I know all the relevant details myself.

So, there's an airship. Only, it's kind of a cool airship that really is more of a spaceship and runs on molecular gold vapor. (If you ever read the Twelfth Planet by Zechariah Sitchin in which he surmised that the Earth was populated by an alien race called the Annunaki, he theorized that they came here to harvest Gold to fuel their rocket ships and created Man to work in the mines.) The ship is in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, cut off from view by an impenetrable black cloud that blanketed the world at the Apocalypse (the Yosemite volcano eruption (or is it yellowstone, LOL?) The ship's inhabitants are pirates. They're stealing souls.

On earth, the few survivors of the apocalypse face certain extinction, because all of their children are stillborn, as if the Hall of Souls is empty. In a lab, the young genius scientist is experimenting with comatose/braindead subjects trying to find line between life and death in hopes that he can save the human race. He has only limited success, awakening one of his subjects for brief periods of time only to have him slip back into the coma. And when the subject awakens, he spouts crazy talk about his ship and plucking people from the mouth of the abyss.

You guessed it, the test subject is really the captain of the pirate airship, and the pirates are pseudo-angels transporting souls from one realm to the next. Only they're taking them to a new plane of existence, enabling evolution of the human soul. As a result there are no souls to return to earth.

And because it's gay romance, of course the pirate and the scientist fall for each other, but they've got very different agendas, so there's that conflict. They can't be together unless one gives up his mission or changes his view of success.

My problem is figuring out a common foe, the really big bad. Where would the souls go if the pirate didn't pluck them from the ether? Are they being enslaved, abducted, tortured? Was the apocalypse planned by someone? Why? And who gave the pirates their mission?

I suck at plot. LOL. But yeah, that's what I'm working with so far.

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God that sounds better than mine. Mine is about cursed objects and two women go out collecting them. You know, have you considered doing campnanowrimo? Its going to be during the summer (I'm not sure when). Would be the perfect time to get a rough draft going.

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I feel you, girl. I'm not happy with the show either, but I can't quit Sam and Dean just yet.


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Unfortunately, I quit Sam a long time ago, which has a lot to do with why the show irks me so much, I'm sure. It's Dean I'll miss the most. Actually, he's the only one. :S *smoosh* (And I got your PM. I'm working on it. ;P)

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I can see why;) And yes, ultimately I'd miss Dean the most:D

Awesome. Muah!

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Nah, that'll never happen. It's too clever.

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Yeah, that would be too much like a happy ending, and show's anti-happy. LOL.

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//hugs you tight BB//

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*squishes you right back* MWAH!

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Yes it was a finale, in every sense of the word.

But it wasn't a disappointment for me, because I the whole of s6 left me underwhelmed.

Even Jensen when asked, named his favourite Seasons as Season One and Season Four.

I'd love to be a "fly on the wall" and hear what the actor's really think of the past two seasons....but that'll never happen until the show actually finishes (even if then, contractual clauses and all that gobblygook) will probably prevent honest discussion....

I don't know what else to say, except that I shall miss you and will check in from time to time to see if you've written more fic....

take care, sarahk_63

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Haha, I know what you mean about being a fly on the wall. I keep waiting for the show to end in order to see if Clif writes and expose on all the things he's contractually obligated not to talk about now.

Take care yourself, love.

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I hope this is not the last we will see of you around here.

I understand so well about fandom being hard lately and show disappointing. :(

But I'm so very glad I met you. :) And hopefully there if much more OF to come. You are quite talented and I look forward to your creative endeavors! :)

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I'm glad I met you, too. I do plan on wiping this journal in the near future to clean up all the clutter that's weighing me down so I can move on, but that's why I put up my contacts. Just because I want to remove fandom from my life doesn't mean I don't still love some of the fans. *squish*