Date: 2011-05-27 05:43 am (UTC)
Ooh, thank your for asking about that. I need to talk about it, since it's been bouncing around and changing in my head for awhile now, and I'm not even sure I know all the relevant details myself.

So, there's an airship. Only, it's kind of a cool airship that really is more of a spaceship and runs on molecular gold vapor. (If you ever read the Twelfth Planet by Zechariah Sitchin in which he surmised that the Earth was populated by an alien race called the Annunaki, he theorized that they came here to harvest Gold to fuel their rocket ships and created Man to work in the mines.) The ship is in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, cut off from view by an impenetrable black cloud that blanketed the world at the Apocalypse (the Yosemite volcano eruption (or is it yellowstone, LOL?) The ship's inhabitants are pirates. They're stealing souls.

On earth, the few survivors of the apocalypse face certain extinction, because all of their children are stillborn, as if the Hall of Souls is empty. In a lab, the young genius scientist is experimenting with comatose/braindead subjects trying to find line between life and death in hopes that he can save the human race. He has only limited success, awakening one of his subjects for brief periods of time only to have him slip back into the coma. And when the subject awakens, he spouts crazy talk about his ship and plucking people from the mouth of the abyss.

You guessed it, the test subject is really the captain of the pirate airship, and the pirates are pseudo-angels transporting souls from one realm to the next. Only they're taking them to a new plane of existence, enabling evolution of the human soul. As a result there are no souls to return to earth.

And because it's gay romance, of course the pirate and the scientist fall for each other, but they've got very different agendas, so there's that conflict. They can't be together unless one gives up his mission or changes his view of success.

My problem is figuring out a common foe, the really big bad. Where would the souls go if the pirate didn't pluck them from the ether? Are they being enslaved, abducted, tortured? Was the apocalypse planned by someone? Why? And who gave the pirates their mission?

I suck at plot. LOL. But yeah, that's what I'm working with so far.
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