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I went for a five mile run this morning. (Okay, it turns out my five mile route was closer to six miles.) I haven't been down this particular road in awhile because I mostly run in the middle of the night, and it's just too dark and scary. Haha. I do enjoy a boost of adrenaline to make the run go faster, but not that much. I have to say, from what I saw this morning, it's probably a good thing I don't go down that road in the dark. Every time I rounded a corner there were buzzards in the road.

One dead pit bull. (Couldn't tell how it died, but it was a very short stretch of road and seems unlikely anyone would've been driving down it fast enough to hit the dog with their car, but it's not impossible.) One wild boar, but only the head. One snake, but only the head. Something that looked like a deer, only it could've been a calf, since all I could really see was one cloven hoof. The teeny tiniest turtle I've ever seen, squished. And the kicker? A whole stock tank full of carcasses. I have no idea what they were, since I didn't want to get any closer once I realized what it was. Either deer or calves, possibly hog carcasses, but I can't figure why anyone would kill that many animals if not for the meat. I wonder if someone's not reporting calves lost to coyote predation and just disposing of the calves themselves for the insurance money. Or, you know, could've been deer or something that they poisoned in order to kill coyotes. It was just... weird. At first I was like, wow, a stock tank on the side of the road. I wonder how you lose a stock tank on the side of the road. And then, I was like, why are there so many buzzards over here by the stock tank when the dead deer is over there on the other side of the road? And then,... yeah.

I'm not really grossed out by dead things. I guess I have a morbid curiosity, but no way I was digging around trying to figure out what was up with THAT. It's the nicest little stretch of road, too.

On a positive note, saw the cutest little black and white chihuahua playing, 'you can't catch me,' with a full grown collie. LOL. Chihuahuas. LOL.
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