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Still watching Bones, almost through season 2.

According to Gordon Gordon, Brennan didn't sail off with Sully because she's 'incapable of leading a purposeless life,' at this stage. Consensus seems to be that she should've gone. It would've been good for her.

I find it ironic, because I can't honestly remember the last time I had a purpose. Is that good for me?

Also, thanks to everyone who replied to my question about Zack. I'm waiting to reply until I actually see what happens to him, but I get the feeling I won't like it.

The music on this show is really awesome as well. Does anyone know if there's a place where I can get it? I haven't searched iTunes, which seems to have everything of that nature, because nothing I buy on iTunes plays on my .mp3 player. I hate iTunes. So, anyplace other than iTunes?

A lot of SPN alum on Bones, too. Although, I think most of them were on Bones first. I only recognize them because of SPN, though. So far, Rachel Miner, Aldis Hodge, Fred Lehne, and now, A.J. Buckley. Ah, to be a secondary character actor in Hollywood.

*goes back to marathoning Bones and having no purpose.*

PS, thanks [ profile] vanae for the headphones. Music is sometimes the only thing that still gets to me. *hugs*

OHHHH, and does anyone know about the [ profile] spn_mardigras? I used to be flattered to be invited to join communities, but lately I've been getting a lot of random invites that just feel like spam. Who is running this comm, and what makes him/her think I know the first thing about Mardi Gras? And where did he/she get my name, because it seems like most of my friends know that I'm not really writing spn fic anymore? If this is one of my friends, then I apologize, but I haven't seen this pimped anywhere on my flist, so I am admittedly skeptical. I sometimes wonder if LJ is selling userinfo like spam mailers sell mailing lists, because I seem to get the most random things through here anymore. That's not even counting all the random spam comments on old fic that have been pouring in over the last couple days. I just do not get it.

Final ETA: Here's a Bones soundtrack on Amazon. It does have some of the best songs, but there are still some I wish were on there that aren't, and I don't know why they need two versions of the theme song on it.
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