Mar. 31st, 2011

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I finished KyleXY on Netflix and was looking for another series. I caught an episode of Burn Notice when I was in LA and thought I liked the premise, so I added that to my queue. Unfortunately, Neflix does not have Burn Notice on streaming, only on DVD, so I had to dig up that copy of A Home at the End of the World they sent me awhile back and return it so they'd send me Burn Notice. I have to say, they got my return and sent out the next one within 24 hours of my mail carrier picking it up. That's pretty fast turn around.

I've only seen the first 3 episodes, since they only send one disc at a time. :/ but I am liking it so far. The lead hits a lot of my buttons. I see the discussion on SPN forums all the time about whether or not you'd watch The Dean Show or the Sam Show. I was always kinda on the fence. I mean, until this year I would've said I'd always watch Supernatural just as long as Dean was on it. Turns out that's really not enough, but I didn't have a good feel for what The Dean Show might be like until I saw Burn Notice. I think this is everything I love about Dean Winchester except he's not played by Jensen Ackles. That's a huge, very sad EXCEPT, but *shrug* I guess now we know I would watch the Dean show. LOL.

Also, in the realm of completely random, my butt hurts. I did a weird Spartan Race workout of the day yesterday. I ran out one mile (just under 10 minutes) until I was at the top this hill I like to run. It's a pretty steep hill on a quarter mile loop so you run up one side and down the other without having to turn around and go the other way. So, the workout was a mile warmup, 200 meters to the bottom of the hill, 50 walking lunges, sprint 200 meters to the top, slow jog to the bottom, 50 pushups, 200 meter sprint to the top, jog down, 100 squats (50 regular and 50 plie squats), sprint to the top, jog down, 30 burpees, and 1/2 mile cool down. Um, I do all of that stuff on a pretty regular basis, but never all in the same workout. My butt hates me today, and I think I slept 10 hours, but woohoo!


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