Mar. 25th, 2011

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I dunno why I feel the urge to update. Just seems like the thing to do, even though I have nothing to report.

I joined a new running group. It starts next weekend. I'm pretty excited about it, but a little sad to leave my other group. But when I joined my first running group, it was the only one around, and the one I just joined is the one I had wished was in my city at the time but wasn't. I'm a little nervous about new people and whatnot, but I'll get over it. Plus they have swimming lessons. Yay! Of course, I don't own a suit, but I always wanted to learn how to swim with some kind of form so I could do it for exercise and not just fun.

I'm actually excited about writing something. Not exactly the gay pirate steampunk soul stealing angels thing, but on the same track. Not Sam and Dean or Jensen and Jared, though. But they will be starring in my mind.

I've started seeing coyotes while I'm running at 2 a.m. They usually run away. I'm more worried about deer and wild hogs.

Of course, now there are June bugs, which are the worst thing to run into ever.

I just looked out my window a few days ago and said, "the trees are starting to bud out." Today I looked out, and the world is fully shaded again. I think I would've been able to hear the leaves sprouting if I'd sat out on my porch and listened.

Oh, and girlie TMI behind the cut for the curious. )


ht_murray: little girl, cheeks, blue rose (Default)

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