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And being a farm girl, I still think Artificial Insemination every time I see American Idol abbreviated that way. :/

I don't want to be all whiny and bitter, since both the boys seem happy, but I'm done with American Idol. The last one I picked was Carrie Underwood, so apparently I'm no judge of talent and doomed to be disappointed and betrayed by America every single year. LOL.

But honestly, if the only way for someone to win that show is for each voter to vote 3 to five thousand times on finale night, that's not a talent competition anymore.

Unless they're willing to buy three to five thousand copies of the album, the votes mean nothing.

That's just my opinion. And I've heard the argument that there's no way to fix the voting system, but I also don't have to watch the fail keep failing.

/emo Tracy.

Aww, c'mon guys. I've been watching the show since the very first episode, back when I was actually an age where I could've tried out if I wanted to. It's the end of an era for me. I'm allowed a day or two of sad, methinks. Do not be rolling your wee eyes at me, or there will be no porns for you.

Oh, and I might have signed up for [ profile] spn_meanttobe. Like I needed another prompt challenge considering I never even started my Disney one and still haven't finished the Overboard one. LOL. But when I see a prompt I like, I get grabby. Sue me.

58. A Soldier Caged

He'd lost blood and comrades on the world's battlefields, but neither compared to losing his memory. Waking up in a secret military bunker, drugged, with vague images of a mission gone bad, Jonah had nowhere to turn. Until help came in the form of the one woman he'd always remember....

Psychologist Sophia Rhodes never got over the bad boy who'd stolen her good-girl heart a decade ago. But without military training, how could she possibly steal Jonah from a high-security facility? She had only one hope--that he'd never forgotten her, either. Sophia knew the breakout was the easy part. Somehow she had to help Jonah focus his hazy images--before a desperate man made sure he'd never remember....
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